Winter time is always a tough time for the little ones with cold and cough season, but winter is definitely not the only time our children get a cough. Deciding whether to medicate them or not can be a hard choice for parents. Truthfully, most of the conventional cough syrups on the market I personally wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Yet, we don’t like seeing our babies struggle to breath and/or be in the discomfort of a cough. Thankfully there is an herbal and natural product out there called Olbas Cough Syrup and it works wonderfully!!!

Don’t get it confused with cold medicine because it is not the same. This syrup is made to ease the bronchial airways during harsh cold weather winter brings along and beyond. It’s safe for kids ages 3 years up (unless you child under 3 has already had honey) to adult so no need to buy two separate bottles which is super nice.

What Makes Olbas A Safer Alternative In Cough Syrups And Why It Wins Our MACT Excellence Award

Some of the reasons we LOVE this natural and effective cough syrup include:

  • Recently many children’s cough syrups have been taken off the market because of concerns over some of the potentially harmful ingredients in those formulas…what’s a parent to do? Great for both children and adults.
  • The cough syrup is made with herbal extracts and wildflower honey, every ingredient is all natural.
  • Can be used for entire family ages 3+
  • Does not only suppress a cough like other conventional products may, but Olbas Cough Syrup actually supports healthy bronchial activity.
  • The formula is over 100 years old and was developed in Switzerland by Dr Ehninger.

What Ingredients Are In Olbas All Natural Cough Syrup?

Here is a list of the good stuff inside this little gem.

Thyme: contains flavonoids that increase the antioxidants, helping to support the function process of the immune system

Licorice: contains glycyrrhizin that balances production of mucus, maintaining healthy lungs

Plantain: contains flavonoids to help soothe and clean the bronchial airways, helping the way we breathe

Horse Chestnut: contains saponin which helps circulation for bronchial activity

Pine: very potent antioxidant that supports the overall immune function

These are only some of the healthy ingredients that will have you on your way to quick relief that works! The rest of the ingredients are Essential Oils of: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Wintergreen, Juniper and Clove, Citric Acid.

Here is what you will NOT find in Olbas that may be lurking in your conventional cough syrup for your little one right now:

Contains no:

  • artificial sweeteners,
  • colors,
  • or preservatives,
  • and no animal ingredients.

Olbas Cough Syrup is tested for safety without the use of animals.

Mama Tester Reviews Olbas Cough Syrup

Testing Mama #1:

Normal cough syrups like to treat a numerous list of things when one just wants to relieve that awful tickle in their throat from the air indoors and out. Olbas Cough Syrup does a wonderful job listing every ingredient used and why it’s there, I personally love being able to read what each thing does for our bodies.

The smell of this product is very minty, but when tasting its rather light and has a honey flavor to it. My 3 year old was skeptical at first try but once in her little mouth she swallowed and gave me a smile. I knew right there that this would be a product we will have on hand from now on. And it really works! Not many products can say that, some hold off your symptoms only for them to return.

Olbas helped relieve my daughter’s nasty cough quickly and effectively until another comes back around. We will have this on hand in our home from now on and it will be the first and only thing to grab when a cough arises.

Testing Mama #2:

This is a product that I will indeed be purchasing whenever my family has a cough or sore throat. My 6 year old had amazing results with this product! She had a very dry cough, and we immediately switched from the homeopathic product we had been using for one day to Olbas. The homeopathic seemed to not give her any relief. After a few doses of Olbas cough syrup I could already see a difference!

The fact that my entire family can use it, that it is made of all natural ingredients and the fact that I can also purchase it at my local health food store makes me happy.

I now know which product I will be choosing as my go-to cough and throat remedy whenever my child or my family is in need. Thanks Olbas!

More Neat Facts About Honey and Olbas Cough Syrup

Recently, a study conducted at the PA School of Medicine came up with Honey as a safe alternative to effectively treat coughs and soothe sore throats – and pure wildflower Honey is the basis of Olbas Cough Syrup.

Honey be given to is safe for children over 18 months of age, so if your child is already used to honey in her diet, then Olbas would be the appropriate choice (if not, then age 3 is the suggested age).

Olbas Cough Syrup also helps strengthen healthy lung function and support mucus membranes in the respiratory tract, clears bronchial passages.

How To Purchase The Award Winning Olbas Cough Syrup

You can purchase this great product right from for a great price of $9.50 and a little goes a long way.