Ear infections are very common in children and babies and the common solution for many western doctors is a good dose of antibiotics and over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol.

Unfortunately, repeatedly using antibiotics is not an ideal solution for our children. They are likely to build up an immunity to this medication, and (heaven forbid) if anything happens later in life where they really need that help, it may not even be effective.

Additionally, healthy bacteria in their intestines are killed during antibiotic treatments, changing the ph inside and their little bodies are less able to heal themselves naturally. Sugars and yeasts thrive in this internal environment. Hence, keeping off of antibiotics is a wise choice here for overall health and well being.

So, what’s a safe alternative?

Chiropractic Care, a Natural Remedy, For Ear Infections

Chiropractic adjustments in the cervical spine, by a studied Chiropractic Doctor, are helping children everywhere, relieve ear infections!

“But I don’t believe in chiropractic care,” you may think. Well, either did I, or my mom, before we both found a chiropractor that worked with us as individuals, and is helping us with back injuries.

“But, I would never bring my child for that kind of adjustment,” you may think. I did too, until I found the right doctor, and had a solid reason. Our relief came from a fall my child had, right onto her head. The adjustment she recieved was in her cervical spine (neck) and I highly recommend him to many people.

“There is a growing movement and awareness that antibiotics and eartubes are not the most effective way to address the cause of chronic ear infections in children. There has been tremendous success at my office with the children who use chiropractic adjustments to keep the nerves free of disturbance so that the ears and immune system can have the proper nerve supply. This enables the body to be self-healing and self-regulating,” says Dr. Chad Bennis from Advanced Spinal Care in Kapaa, Kauai.

“Remember that proper nerve supply enables children to grow and develop properly while the body is in its developmental stages. This early time in children’s lives is crucial and sets the course for their entire life expression through their nervous system.”

Chiropractic adjustments have additionally helped to relieve Autism side effects in children too!

So, SafBaby mamas suggest finding a chiropractor that is reputable in their work and reputable with children too. Ask around, or interview them personally, until you find the doctor you know is right for you.