crocsThe SAFBABY mamas are on a new EVA foam mission, this time we we want to know more about the EVA foam in shoes and if there are any safety levels when it comes to Formamide and other harmful substances in foam shoes.

We received a question a few weeks ago from Krista:

“Do you know if Crocs have been tested for Formamide? Children are some of the biggest consumers of Crocs shoes, and the Crocs proprietary Croslite material is mostly made of EVA. I’d like to know if there are any Formamide test results available to the public?”

After we contacted Crocs Customer service and asked if Crocs are made of EVA foam and have been tested for Formamide, we received the following reply:

“Crocs Croslite material is not made of EVA foam. We can not disclose its contents as it is a proprietary closed cell resin.

Crocs fully molded clogs and other styles are made of Croslite material, which is an extraordinary impact absorbing resin material developed for maximum cushioning. This versatile material can be worn next to the skin and be cleaned with soap and water.

Crocs fully molded foam shoes made solely from Croslite material contain no latex materials. Some of our other styles that are not made of fully molded Croslite material may have latex in some of the glues or other bonding materials, so you should not purchase those models given your sensitively to latex.”  –  Crocs Customer Service

PCCR (proprietary closed cell resin) is a petroleum based foam!

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Are Crocs Antimicrobial?

I contacted Crocs again to ask if Crocs are antimicrobial (treated with pesticides to kill germs and bacterias) and the company’s rep replied with “No, Croc are not antimicrobial!”

Croc Imitations made of EVA foam?

Yes, most Croc Imitations are made of EVA foam. Also, most cheap foam flip flops and foam sandals today are made of EVA.

iPlay EVA Foam Aqua Sandals & Summer Sneakers

iplay_summershoesWe ask iPlay if their EVA Sandals & Summer Sneakers  have been tested for Formamide and we got the following reply:

“Thank you for contacting us. Yes our summer sneakers have been test and are Formamide Free. Please let me know if you have any further questions.” iPlay Customer Care

So we wanted to see the Test Results, but only got the bottom of a sheet (top has been cut off and other 2 pages are missing) stating:

“Formamide Content: Pass”

I asked for the full report and got the following response over 2 weeks ago:

“That’s the only information our Product Development team provided but I have asked them to give me something more if we have it.” – iPlay Customer Care

Target Circo EVA Foam Flip Flops

Target Circo EVA foam flip flops for ChildrenWe wanted to know more about Target’s Flip Flops made of EVA for Toddlers & Kids plus Safety Tests but we’re getting no answer to our questions, just this:

“Is there a specific pair of Circo flip flops that you had questions about or just the brand in general? Let me know, I can look into your question.”

After we replied with “Baby & Kids Circo shoes made of EVA foam PLUS other target baby & kids shoes made of EVA foam.” We received the following Target response:

“Providing safe and high quality products to our guests is a top priority for us.

We rigorously test our owned-brand merchandise to ensure it complies with applicable product safety regulations and laws.” – Target