Safe Baby Healthy Child presents the Best Product Award to Enchanted Slumber for its “All-In-One Organic Sleeper.”  This unique 100% organic product is truly kid-friendly and provides a safe, non-toxic solution for travel, school and naptime.

Owner and designer Anna Spanton has taken the utmost care with every detail of production and has created a warm and whimsical collection that puts the three parts of a sleeper into one easy-to-use rollup:

Quilted Pad + Blanket Covering + Lavender-Scented Buckwheat Pillow

The sleeper came out of Anna’s observations of parents juggling pillows, blankets, pads and stuffed animals for naptime. She was inspired to design a cozy sleeping bundle that a child would love to snuggle into and take off for dreamland.

The sleeper easily unfolds with a pillow that stays in place. When naptime is over, a child or teacher can simply roll it up and store the sleeper in a cubby.


Each Enchanted Slumber blanket/sleeper is handcrafted by artisans in Southern California. The materials were chosen for wellness and environmental sustainability.

Blanket and Outer Pillow Case Material:  GOTS Certified. Organic Cotton fiber and dyes free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Blanket Fill Material:  Heirloom Cotton Batting Made in the USA.  USDA Certified Organic

Pillow Fill:  Organic Buckwheat and Organic Lavender

Pillow Case:   100% Organic Cotton Flannel

The Major Health Impact Enchanted Slumber Solves

Most pre-schools invest in nap mats that are typically made out of foam because they’re inexpensive and provide padding under the child. However, the foam is most likely polyurethane and contains flame retardants, the casing is most often made of PVC and nap mats advertised as antimicrobial are treated with triclosan. The negative health impacts of foam, vinyl and triclosan have all been well-documented.

The Problem with Flame Retardants

In 2013, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) tested nap mats from California, New York, Washington, Alaska, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut and found 10 different flame retardant chemicals (or chemical mixtures) in the nap mats.

Flame retardants have been linked to cancer, genetic damage, impacts on fertility and reproductive health, allergies, hormone disruption, obesity, early puberty and more.

How are Children Exposed to Flame Retardants?

The flame retardant chemicals migrate out into the air and settle in dust that children breathe, touch and ingest. Over time, the amount from continual exposures accumulates and even bioaccumulates which means that the toxic substance is absorbed faster than the body can excrete it.

How Dangerous are these Chemicals?

In 2014, scientists from Duke University and the Environmental Working Group tested 22 mothers and 26 children. All urine samples came back positive for exposure and the average level in the bodies of children tested was nearly 5 times the average in their mothers. One child had 23 times the level of the mother.

The flame retardant tested was TDCIPP, a known carcinogen. TDCIPP caused the growth of tumors when tested on animals and has been labeled as carcinogenic by the state of California under Proposition 65.

Why aren’t these Chemicals Banned?

Over the years, there have been many attempts to ban flame retardants starting as far back as the 1970s when PCB was banned. In the late 1990s concerns emerged about PBDEs found in indoor dust. The chemical industry agreed to phase out PBDEs, but, the replacement has been found to be just as toxic.

There are twelve states that have policies regulating flame retardants, but much more needs to be done.

Recently, the Environmental Health News reported that firefighters, scientists and health and consumer advocates are petitioning the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban organohalogen flame-retardants, a class of flame-retardants added to children’s products, furniture, mattresses and electronic casings.

Enchanted Slumber Sleepers – Made to Last

Enchanted Slumber organic sleepers are “made to last beyond the joy of childhood” and meant to become treasured heirlooms that can be passed on to a sibling or friend.

Enchanted Slumber’s core values include pursuit of wellness, beautiful design, and environmental sustainability.

“It is our belief that children should have the very best.”  Anna Spanton

Enchanted Slumber Blankets are available on their website.

Mary Cordaro, Safe Baby Healthy Child’s Healthy Building and Indoor Environmental Expert, recommended Enchanted Slumber’s Sleepers for Safe Baby Healthy Child’s Best Product Award.

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