Sarah Schmidt from the Winnipeg Free Press released an article a couple days ago regarding the alarming test results that recently showed BPA, a hormone disrupting chemical that is toxic to babies and children, in baby bottles marketed as BPA-Free plastic bottles.

This dangerous chemical leaches out of the plastic bottle, and into the contents it contains. This synthetic sex hormone, BPA, mimics estrogen and is found in more places than plastic bottles. BPA, among other dangers, has been tagged as a potential precursor to prostate and breast cancer.

BPA hides in plastic. You can’t tell if a plastic bottle contains BPA, unless it is labeled that it is free of this dangerous chemical. Well, that is what we were lead to believe, until now.

Reducing Our Babies Exposure to BPA

BPA can be found in the lining of canned foods, on the inside lining of baby food jars, in our children’s toys, and is even present in the lining of all infant formula cans.  So, these are places you will want to look for a BPA-free mentioning on the label of the products you buy, especially for your children.

In our articles linked in the above paragraph, SAFbaby does offer safe alternative measures to greatly reduce exposure to this toxin.  So, please do read them, especially if you have an infant or small child.

One of our first articles, posted back 2 years ago, warned about BPA in plastic bottles.  This post, additionally has important information and exposure reducing tips there too.

Recent BPA Baby Bottle Study

So, the study shows that small amounts, all the way up to “high readings” were found present in their tests.

Health Canada tests are alarming, and even more so they can not disclose the names of these brands to us concerned and very alarmed parents. Read the report here.

Safe Alternatives To Plastic

Glass bottles have made their comeback! Stainless steel bottles are readily available on the market now too.  Have fun choosing what fits your family’s needs best, and stay safe.