Sandra loves modern design. So, I think it is classic that her little girl loves this BPA-Free Safe Sippy more than any other. So much so that she now refuses to drink out of any other sippy cup. This sippy is also certified to be free of not only BPA, but also of phthalates and DEHA.

The Safe Sippy is made of stainless steel and is designed beautifully modern. The look is refreshingly unique and their newest design is now available.

If you don’t want your little one having the same old sippy as the rest of the room, you must check this out!

Stainless Steel Cups for Kids

The Safe Sippy™ cup breaks away from the all-plastic sippy cup designs of the past. From the clean, non-leaching stainless steel cup to the unique safety features, The Safe Sippy™ cup was created to accomplish one simple goal: Clean In, Clean Out.

Contact between water and the #5 polypropylene plastic (the most stable of all plastics) is kept to a minimum and the outer colorful part is made of Thermoplastic rubber.

We recommend this unique sippy for 2 years and up. Like I said, this is Sandra’s little girls MOST FAVORITE sippy cup (and she has a few to choose from). The leaking from the top spout is minimal, but if tipped upside down and shaken, some leaking will happen. Up until our babes were almost 2 they loved to turn their sippy cups upside down, that is why we recommend this modern, safe design for those that have outgrown that habit.

But, with the design of the great handles, you can easily “hook” the sippy into your jean pocket, or the pocket of your diaper bag keeping it upright during travel. We think this is a cool feature for a mom who always has her hands full.