We recently watched this wonderfully made documentary, The Business of Being Born.

Director Abby Epstein, and Executive Producer Ricki Lake’s film takes a closer look at: hospital births, why we have so many C-sections in the USA, and why midwifes are so important and (sadly) disrespected.

Sound like just another boring documentary? Not at all! This film is insightful, entertaining, fun, touching and eye-opening. We think every couple that wants to have a baby, or had one, should watch this.

To begin, we thought it would be fitting to share a little bit about the Safbaby.com mama’s Samantha & Sandra’s birthing experience. We both had done lots of research on our birthing options and both truly wanted a natural birth.

Our Birth Experiences

Samantha: “I really wanted a home birth. We interviewed a midwife and a couple homeopathic doctors and chose a homeopathic doctor (very experienced in home-births) because it made my husband feel more comfortable (he thought home-births were unsafe). My water broke, and after over 24 hours I had still not gone into labor. To make a longer story short, I ended up going to the hospital, (which I dreaded because I KNEW what the outcome would be from there) and eventually had a c-section.”

Sandra: “I took hypno-birthing classes hoping these techniques would help me deliver naturally without an epidural, and ended up getting one anyway. I wish I would have known about midwives and feel that the combo of my hypno-birthing classes for relaxation, and the vibe of a midwife would have really supported having a natural birth.”

Do our stories sound familiar to any of yours?

Amazing Statistics on Birthing in the US, From BOBB

According to BOBB, in 1900 95% of women birthed at home. Today, here is US, that number has plummeted to LESS THAN 1%!

Hospitals are businesses! And, although we are birthing mostly in hospitals (and this is becoming just as true in European countries now too), 1 in every 3 births are done c-section here in America.

70% of the births in Japan and Europe are with a mid-wife. Here in the USA, less than 8% are.

Ironically enough, US has SECOND WORST newborn death rate in the world! (Shouldn’t that be a red flag that something is not right here?)

Too Posh Too Push

These days many moms are scheduling their births! “Too Posh too push” is a common phrase referring to celebrity parents scheduling c-sections, supporting a convenient schedule and more, but creating a huge disconnect from recognizing the powerful transformation of birth.

An infant, brand-new to the world, connects to her mom more effectively with a vaginal birth. Breastfeeding is more successful and who knows what the long term effects of all those drugs truly do to the up-and-coming generations.

Are we loosing natural birth? Are women responsible for birth, or is the doctor? Do women know HOW to birth?

Watch The Trailer

How Do You Feel About Birth?

Have you ever thought about these questions:

  • Would you ever consider using a mid-wife?
  • What type of person uses a mid-wife?
  • What type of woman births in a hospital?
  • Do I really need to ‘schedule’ my baby’s birth?
  • Did I inform myself about all the options?

If you have never thought of these questions we think you should. Then, watch the insightful and empowering documentary, The Business of Being Born, to have your prior ideals of birth be infused with educated truth!

Grab your friends, or your partner and be ready to enjoy this amazing documentary! We guarantee it will open your eyes to the business of being born!

DVD is available directly through The Business of Being Born website for $ 27.95 (85 min). The documentary can also be rented through Netflix!