Introduction and Interview by SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

Our last post cautioned the dangers of cell phone radiation for our children. This post we bring to you an influential interview with Lloyd Morgan.

He was author of two legislative Acts concerning brain tumors.  One in California (passed into law in 2000), and the other in the US Congress (passed into law in 2002).

Loyd Morgan currently has another Bill introduced in the US Congress, the National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act of 2009 (HR 653 and S 305), mandating a comprehensive study into the causes of the leading cause of cancer death in children, brain tumors. His entire bio (see end of this post) is applause worthy.

In this interview we answer more questions regarding cell phone and Wifi exposure in relation to the health of our children’s brains.  Amazing interview, this is a must read.

Interview with Lloyd Morgan

Is Wifi Exposure more dangerous to children than cell phone exposure?

Cellphone exposures, when the cellphone is held immediately against the head, are an enormously higher exposures than WiFi exposures. All electromagnetic radiation decreases as the square of the distance from the source increases. For example, if a cellphone is held 1/16 inch from the head when holding the cellphone to the ear during a conversation, and then it is moved 6 1/4 inches away (100 times further away than 1/16 inch) the radiation to the head decreases by a factor of 10,000 (100 squared is 10,000)! This is true unless you hold the WiFi antenna 1/16 of an inch from the head (an unlikely possibility).

Are Wifi and Cell phone radio waves the same?

Yes, to a first approximation.

What do radiowaves do to a child’s brain?

Mostly this is unknown because our government has chosen to do zero research in this area. What we do know is that radio waves is they penetrate a child’s head far more extensively than an adult’s head. One study has shown that when cellphone use first begins when a child was a teenager or younger there is a 420% increased risk of brain tumors compared to when cellphone use first begins when an adult was 20-39 years old, there was a 50% increased risk of a brain tumor.

Any studies done on Wifi exposure and health effects on children?

None. The more important question is why have there been no studies? The rhetorical answer is that if there are no studies, then we will not find any possibility of a problem. (e.g., IF WE DON’T LOOK, WE CANNOT FIND)

How much daily/weekly exposure to cell phones and computers is known/questioned to be harmful to our children?

We do not know as there have been no studies. We do know in adults that for every 100 cumulative hours of cellphones there is a 5% increased risk of brain tumors. We also know that the amount of radiation absorbed by children is much higher than adults.

What distance from a computer with Wifi is considered safe?

This is not known. However, farther away is enormously safer than closer.

If cell phone/Wifi is turned off, is there zero radiation exposure?

Yes, but off means that a cellphone will not ring when a call comes in. For WiFi, off means no power to the device.

Fertility Damage By Cell Phone Radiation

What if cell/computer it turned on but not in use?

When a cellphone is on but not in use (stand by mode) it continues to radiate. As discussed in the answer to the first question, it is critically important to keep the cellphone away from you body.

See “Concern 15: Male fertility is damaged by cellphone radiation.” in my report Cellphones and Brain Tumors:  15 Reasons for Concern.

Concern 15: Male fertility is damaged by cellphone radiation.
This concern also is not about brain tumors per se, but is of such potential consequence that it is discussed here. Men, and particularly teenage boys, place their cellphone in the pants/trousers pockets when  they are not holding it to their heads in conversation. There are multiple studies showing deleterious effects on sperm including decreased sperm counts and reduced sperm motility. One study found a highly significant (99.99% confidence) 59% decline in sperm count in men who used cell phones for 4 or more hours per day as compared with those who did not
use cell phones at all.

Another study reported an 80% increased near-significant risk (93.9% confidence) of testicular cancer when the cellphone was kept in the left pocket, then the left testicle developed cancer; kept in the right pocket, then the right testicle developed cancer.

[58]  Because there have been no cellphone studies on female fertility it is unknown if there are deleterious effects. And, it is also a truism, if you don’t look for an effect, you will not find an effect.”

If I don’t use Wifi and/or cell phone at my home, am I still exposed to radiation because the network is everywhere?


Tips To Limit Wifi/Cell Phone Radiation

What can parents do to limit the exposure to Wifi/Cell Phone radiation?

Parents should oppose WiFi use in schools, libraries, or anywhere else where children can be expected to be.

Is Bluetooth same as Wifi and should I always turn it off on my computer/cell phone and other devices?

Bluetooth, like any device that is “wireless” is a radio transmitter.  Keeping it off, and far away from the body when on, greatly reduces the absorbed radiation.

There are products on the market that advertise themselves to decrease radiation exposure through wifi/cell phones. are these truly effective or just scams?

I cannot tell you about all of these products, but my opinion is that almost all are scams. If something works to shield you from cellphone radiation, then the cellphone would not function.

I heard that there is paint for your home that can block Wifi radiation, is this true?

Yes, such paint is metalized, so the metal shields you from electromagnetic radiation?

There are many scientists who say there is no harm in cell phone and wifi radiations, what would you say to them?

First, read the epidemiology (most have never read one paper).  Second, though non-ionizing radiation (e.g., cellphones) does not have sufficient energy to directly break DNA bonds as does ionizing radiation, there are multiple papers show non-ionizing radiation breaks DNA bonds. There is no known mechanism for this results but there are multiple credible hypotheses why non-ionizing radiation could indirectly break DNA bonds.

Further, stating that there is “no known mechanism” for experimental data is an anti-scientific statement.  It implies that science already knows every possible mechanism.

Anything else you want parents to know?

As a parent, the primary role is to keep the child safe. This means that children should not be allowed to have cellphones. As cellphones are an expected possession, particular for teenagers, parents need to be very strong.

Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act of 2009

Can you please tell us more about the Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act of 2009?

Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer death in children. Almost nothing is known about the causes of brain tumors (they existed long before cellphones). There has never been a study into the causes of the childhood brain tumors.

The National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act of 2009 mandates such a study. If anyone would like to help us, please have them call me at 510 841-4362, and I will give them 3 phone calls they can make that will help us make the Act become law.

Wifi is everywhere! Our conclusion

Today, libraries, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, malls and schools offer Free Wifi.  It’s kind of scary to know that Wifi signals are everywhere, and that it’s hard to escape them!

There are many scientist who say there is no evidence to suggest a link between the use of Wifi and damage to our health.  We wonder how they can be so certain, if so little studies have been done.  Here are a few personal tips we recommend coming from our experience with cell phones and intense computer use:

  1. Do not use your cell phone as an alarm clock!
  2. If you are pregnant, don’t use Wifi whenever possible.
  3. Please join forces with us, so we can be a powerful voice here and help Lloyd Morgan pass The National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act of 2009. Please call him at 510 841-4362, and he will will give you 3 phone calls that you can make to help him make the Act become law. Lloyd has been a huge influence in passing laws in the past, lets do this!

About Lloyd Morgan

Lloyd Morgan is an electronic engineer by training with 38 years of industrial experience to the Vice Presidential level (retired 2002), a member of international science organizations, the Bioelectromagnetics Society, a volunteer with the National Brain Tumor Society, an investigator of a childhood leukemia cluster in Fallon, Nevada with a team from the University of California, San Francisco, USA, a columnist for Powerwatch, and a brain tumor survivor.

His latest paper Estimating the Risk of Brain Tumors from Cellphone Use: Published Case-Control Studies is available on-line from Pathophysiology. He is a co-author on two previously published epidemiological papers: Long-term use of cellular phones and brain tumors: increased risk associated with use for > or =10 years. This paper was awarded “one of the top ten articles for 2007″ in the journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and, A new electromagnetic exposure metric: high frequency voltage transients associated with increased cancer incidence in teachers in a California school”.

He is the lead author of the report, Cellphones and Brain Tumors:  15 Reasons for Concern, which was widely distributed to the media and government officials in late August 1995.

Since 1995 Lloyd Morgan has been involved in the study of exposure to electromagnetic fields and resultant health problems. Beginning in 1995, after recovering from a brain tumor, and each year since 1995, he has attended multiple science meetings including, among others, the Bioelectromagnetics Society, the Neuro-Oncology Society, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the 2000 Consensus Conference [to designate all brain tumor types with their appropriate codes), and the Brain Tumor Epidemiology Consortium.  He has presented at the Marin County (California) Dept. of Health Services in 2003, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine in 2004 Bioelectromagnetics Society in 2005 and 2008, the Children with Leukemia conference in 2008, and the Radiation Research Trust (RRT), International Conference, EMF & Health, A Global Issue, in Sept. 2008 (using his RRT presentation material, he was a major source for The Economist magazine article on cellphones), and to physicians and health advocate organizations.