Dr. Raymond Silkman

Dr. Raymond Silkman, DDS
Dr. Raymond Silkman, DDSBiological Dentist

Dr. Raymond Silkman has been providing holistic dental care to families for 25 years. His approach considers the interrelationships and influences of body structures, organs and systems as well as the overall nutritional and emotional health of each patient.

These typically reveal the underlying causes of dental issues such as decay, periodontal disease, dental crowding and more. His incorporation of alternative health modalities has helped patients bring about profound changes in their well-being.

Dr. Silkman’s protocols also include safe removal and detoxification of toxic dental materials, conservative approaches to restorations, functional jaw orthopedics for proper jaw development and care for TMJ and orofacial pain.

Through nationwide lectures and his writings, Dr. Silkman educates about how prevention far outweighs the cure. He especially encourages mothers to be aware of the critical importance of nutrition during preconception and pregnancy – stages where the foundation for a child’s entire lifetime is laid. Dr. Silkman’s practice is based in Brentwood, California.

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