By SafBaby Founder Samantha Fox Olson

Happy Tiffin Stainless Steel food containers are a great alternative to plastic Ziploc and Tupperware.

They are fun to use, simple to clean, good for the environment and their 3 tiered product is also economical!

I have really been loving my 3-tiered Tiffin.  Using it to pack snacks on our outings to the beach and park, and storing our leftovers in the fridge.

I felt especially kind to Mother Earth the day I brought my stainless stackers with me to get take-out.  No plastic bags, no Styrofoam boxes, NO WASTE WHATSOEVER!  And the staff at the Cafe thought it was really cool too!

The tiered feature makes it really nice to keep everything organized and put together.  Feels much more Zen than having tons of plastic tupperwares everywhere.  You know the ones…….the ones that never have a matching top.  Well, not with these Tiffins!  It’s all put together, very practical!

Stainless Steel Food Containers:  Smarter Than Plastic

The ‘clear’ polycarbonate plastic contains the endocrine disrupting chemical bisphenol A, so it’s safest to avoid the clear plastic bowls and storage containers.  Especially when putting heated leftovers inside to store.

We prefer to stay away from plastic food bowls and dishes, they don’t last as long, are not heat resistant and scratch easily.  Also bacteria can grow in scratches and crack, so you need to replace them more often, which creates unnecessary waste.

Not creating waste with my Happy Tiffin Stainless set.  Once my little one is off to school, she will be sporting this as a hip lunch box too!

Happy Tiffin is a great alternative to plastic or disposable containers and are suitable for hot or cold food-to-go or for storing small items. They are dishwasher safe, free of harmful toxins and are made from heavy-duty, food-grade stainless steel!