Right now, you are probably surrounded by EMF’s and aren’t even aware of them. They are invisible.  But, scientists and researchers are sounding the alarm about their harmful effects to everyone’s health.

Take a quick survey of where you are right now and see how many of these are on your list and you’ll start to get a clue about how prevalent EMF radiation really is:

  • Appliances that are plugged in
  • Wires in the wall
  • Power wires outside
  • Anything else that is plugged in
  • WiFi
  • Cell phones
  • iPads
  • Cell Towers

In this interview by Renegade Health’s Kevin Gianni, Safe Baby Healthy Child expert, Mary Cordaro, gives invaluable insights about EMF’s, the critical concerns for pregnant women, babies and children, and simple but important ways to protect yourself and your family.

About Safe Baby Healthy Child’s Healthy Building and Indoor Environmental Expert, Mary Cordaro

Mary Cordaro is President of Mary Cordaro, Inc. a consulting firm she founded in 1989, specializing in healthy building and remodeling; diagnosing and solving toxic contaminant problems in homes and workplaces; and educating about healthy building practices and non-toxic lifestyles.

Since becoming certified in the German field of Baubiologie* in 1992, Mary has gained national prominence for her integrity and meticulous adherence to the highest standards of health for homes. These standards go far beyond “green certifications” to embrace the most sensitive people, including the developing fetus, as well as the overall health of the Earth.

SafBaby's Healthy Building and Indoor Environmental Expert Mary Cordaro

Mary Cordaro’s integrated approach to creating a healthy environment is unique. To determine the source of a complex problem quickly and accurately, Mary specifies healthy building and interior materials and products, and directs a team of highly experienced specialists and scientists in the fields of mold and moisture, EMFs, chemicals, water, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, and building science.

Mary shares her vast knowledge of environmental health topics through speaking engagements at professional conferences as well as online webinars.

She also has a growing following of health practitioners, medical doctors, parents, architects, environmentalists and design professionals who understand the enormous health benefits of shifting away from environmental toxins.

For more information, visit Mary’s website and blog.

*Baubiologie is the study of how the built environment affects human and planetary health.