Doreen Bolhuis walks her talk! She is a leader in abolishing childhood obesity and brings passion, fun and immense knowledge to physical fitness for our kids.

In August 2012 Doreen Bolhuis joined our team of Expert Health Advisers here on SAFbaby.

What we appreciate most about her influential and motivating articles are that she offers tips and tools that ANY family can implement. Her strategies are simple and effective in aiding parents with the tools and knowledge they need to offer their children the priceless gifts of physical literacy.

We’ve gathered up all of her articles to date to offer you a go-to storehouse of inspiration in keeping you and your children active. You will not want to miss one of the articles below. Share them with all of your friends you know will benefit from this invaluable information and encouraging woman. To receive our Expert Health Adviser’s posts straight to you inbox, make sure to register our free newsletter today.

Doreen Bolhuis, Articles That Inspire Children To Move Their Bodies Joyfully