gmo free

Introduction by Safe Baby Healthy Child Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson

Here on Kauai (the most isolated land mass on all the planet) we recently pulled together as a people to change pass a bill (Bill 2491) demanding that buffer zones be placed around our kid’s schools and our oceans. Also that the GMO corporations must disclose the pesticides and the amounts that they are using as public knowledge. After lots of battle, the bill was passed! And Kauai will not stop there. We have a vision that this island be GMO-free. With that in my heart, I recently asked our plant based food expert, Karen Ranzi, M.A. to do a post for us on GMOs and our children. This is a topic for ALL parents to understand and to use our dollars as our vote each time we go to a grocery store. SAY NO TO GMO!

“Once released into the environment, unlike a BSE epidemic or chemical spill, genetic mistakes cannot be contained, recalled or cleaned up, but will be passed onto all future generations indefinitely.”Dr. Michael Antoniou

Genetic engineering focuses on the manipulation of the genetic material (the DNA) in the cells of living organisms to block undesired traits or add desired ones. The result is often called a genetically modified organism, or GMO.