In this enlightening video, Dr. Kathi Fry shares the case history of one of her patients, a child named Emily* who like so many children today, is afflicted with rashes, eczema, asthma, ADHD and more.

While Western medicine would consider each of these health issues to be separate ailments, Dr. Fry reveals how they are not only all connected but that there was an initial trigger that set off the cascade of illnesses Emily would present with over time.

This revealing case sheds light on:

  • How an imbalance becomes a health issue.
  • How the choice of treatment can have long-term implications.
  • How the consideration of all aspects of a human being (not just physical symptoms) gets to the root of the imbalance to restore health and completely resolve the health issue.

The Critical Question

A homeopath’s goal is to find the root cause of the illness.

Thus, the most critical question they would ask in Emily’s case is:

What was going on in Emily’s life that caused her Vital Force to diminish, prompting her body to develop a rash?

What is the Vital Force?

Dr. Fry describes the Vital Force as the unseen force responsible for making everything inside us work.

A trained homeopath would recognize that Emily had a strong emotional reaction with the arrival of her baby brother. When Emily was no longer the sole focus of her family’s affections, she acted out and shortly thereafter developed a rash. But what she was really experiencing was grief over the loss of her exalted position in the family. Her Vital Force communicated that grief by creating a rash.

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Notice that the Vital Force didn’t give her a brain tumor or a heart attack – just a rash. The reason for this is that the Vital Force always develops a symptom equal to the intensity of the inciting offense. A rash is one of the most benign responses a body can have to an imbalance in the Vital Force.

Using Drugs

Emily didn’t see a homeopath initially. She went to a conventional doctor and was given a steroidal cream to eliminate the rash. While the rash went away temporarily, it would appear now and then and treatment with the cream continued. Emily soon developed asthma. Further suppression with steroids and asthma medication drove the disease even deeper into her nervous system, where she developed what conventional medicine calls ADHD. She was given drugs for ADHD which further suppressed her body’s attempt to signal illness and drove the disease even deeper, eventually causing the hormonal imbalance.

At only 12 years of age, Emily is on multiple medications.

Hence, we see that treating a condition with drugs forces another condition to erupt over time.  Each condition is simply the Vital Force’s attempt to signal that there is an underlying disease that it is trying to resolve. But each time these attempts are ignored by being suppressed, the Vital Force is weakened.

Using Homeopathy

In contrast, homeopathy is a system of medicine that restores and strengthens the Vital Force.

The goal of a homeopath is to choose the one remedy that most closely matches all the symptoms which includes a picture of the person’s entire emotional, mental and physical state of being. In Emily’s case these presented as grief, asthmatic breathing, attention disorders, and painful menses.

As Emily begins to take the remedy, the conditions that developed most recently resolve first. In Emily’s case, her menstrual pain lessens, her cycles become less heavy, and eventually she is able to stop the birth control pills.

As she continues to heal, her attention span and ability to concentrate improve and she is eventually weaned off the ADHD medications as well. The grief that she has been harboring since age two begins to abate and finally resolves completely. The rash gets less and less prominent, and, along with the grief, it is the last symptom to completely disappear. Emily is restored to a state of health because her Vital Force is back in balance and the remedy is discontinued.

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Impossible or Normal?

This case study is typical of what Dr. Fry has encountered in her 30-year homeopathic practice. And while unwinding these health issues requires the expertise of a very knowledgeable homeopath, you can get started on learning how to use homeopathy to treat acute illnesses such as colds, cough, ear infections, flu and more.

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*name has been changed to protect her identity

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