Study Finds Colostrum 3x More Effective Than the Flu Vaccine

Besides keeping kids healthy by ensuring they get enough sleep, plenty of water and nourishing foods, take advantage of nutrients that scientists have found to be incredibly powerful and can hold the answer to how to stop the flu in its tracks. These nutrients provide the body with a wide array of additional benefits that can strengthen your child’s overall health.

Below are the two immune boosting nutrients you can incorporate into your child’s diet (and yours) that were found to be as or far more effective than the flu shot – and without the drawbacks.

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Colostrum is nature’s number one food for restoring, strengthening and regulating immune function that is provided by the mother of every mammal. Colostrum is the nourishment given to a newborn baby through breastfeeding during the first 36 hours after birth. After this, breast milk begins to flow. The reason nature set things up this way is because colostrum contains and provides all the immune peptides, immune factors and growth factors for initiating and supporting the development of the immune system in the newborn baby. Nature’s wisdom in providing this as the first food indicates the profound importance of the nutrients found in colostrum.

Studies have confirmed colostrum is a potent protector against viral infections, namely the flu. 

In a 2007 study published in the Journal of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostatis, researchers compared the effects of a two-month oral colostrum supplementation program against receipt of the flu vaccine. They found that the group that received the flu vaccine had more than three times more episodes of the flu and suffered more than three times more days of illness than those who were not vaccinated and on the colostrum supplementation program.

Colostrum was found to be at least 3 times more effective than the flu vaccine at preventing the flu and reducing its severity.

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Vitamin D3

In 2008, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated their previous guidelines on Vitamin D and doubled the minimum amount required for infants, children and adolescents. Citing the difficulty in obtaining enough vitamin D from the primary natural source, the sun, and from limited natural dietary sources, the AAP suggested getting the new minimum requirement of Vitamin D from a supplement.

The AAP also noted that new data was indicating that Vitamin D may play a potential role in maintaining innate immunity. A major recent study has confirmed that it does.

Raw data from 25 clinical trials consisting of 11,000 participants from 14 different countries including the U.S., the UK, Australia and Canada was analyzed to determine if Vitamin D protects against respiratory infections such as colds and flus. As quoted in Science Daily, lead researcher Professor Adrian Martineau from the Queen Mary University of London said:

This major collaborative research effort has yielded the first definitive evidence that vitamin D really does protect against respiratory infections. Our analysis of pooled raw data from each of the 10,933 trial participants allowed us to address the thorny question of why vitamin D ‘worked’ in some trials, but not in others.

Professor Martineau went on to state:

[T]he protective effects of vitamin D supplementation are strongest in those who have the lowest vitamin D levels, and when supplementation is given daily or weekly rather than in more widely spaced doses. Overall, the reduction in risk of acute respiratory infection induced by vitamin D was on a par with the protective effect of injectable ‘flu vaccine against ‘flu-like illnesses. (Emphasis added)

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There Is Always More Than One Approach to Health

No matter what approach you decide to take for how to stop the flu in its tracks, it will be to your benefit to make solidly informed decisions. Consider choosing approaches that work with the wisdom of your child’s body and strengthens its ability to heal itself.

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