At SafBaby we have been searching for baby dolls free of PVC for the last few months (in the US and Europe), and we have been unsuccessful in finding one.

Since we’ve recently received an email from a mother who’s desperately trying to find a doll for her little girl that is PVC/Vinyl-Free, we now post our research here for all of you.

Even though most manufacturers claim that PVC/Vinyl without phthalates is not harmful, many experts question it’s safety.

Please read our informative and insightful interview on this topic in full here.

Here is an excerpt of our interview:

SafBaby: Some toys are labeled “Phthalate-free.” Is this enough or should I only purchase PVC-free?

Mike Schade from CHEJ (Center for Health, Environment and Justice):

Certainly, phthalate free toys are a step in the right direction, but even PVC toys that are phthalate-free may contain other potentially harmful chemical additives. For example, lead has been found in a number of PVC children’s toys and back-to-school products such as lunch-boxes. Many companies have substituted lead for other “stabilizers” such as organotins which may be harmful over time. Some organotins affect the central nervous system, skin, liver, immune system and reproductive system. Since the organotins are not 100% bound to the polymer, they can easily migrate from within a PVC product to the surface.

The best bet is to look for toys that are 100% PVC-free. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Manufacturers use PVC plasticizers so toys have more resilience to them, and do not break while being played with. There are a few toy manufacturers who sell dolls free of phthalates, but not free of PVC. A few examples of those are: 

Phthalate-Free Baby Dolls

  • Kaethe Kurse,
  • Keptin-Jr
  • Corolle
  • Zapf Creation

Safe PVC-Free and Phthalate-Free Baby Dolls

Although we weren’t able to find a plastic doll that is completely free of potentially harmful plasticizers, here are some great SAFE ALTERNATIVE soft dolls, your child will absolutely adore.

Paola Soft Doll by Haba

This cute doll has removable clothing, is machine washable. Haba sells a variety of Soft Dolls in different sizes.

We also love the portable Dollhouse and Carrying Cot, perfect for a great gift for the Holidays!

Age 18M and up
15 inches tall
Machine washable

Waldorf Flippippi Fortune Fairy by Kathe Kruse

This beautiful handmade doll carries a four leaf clover adorned by the cutest little ladybug wherever she goes. She is made of cotton and stuffed with sheep wool and quartz sand. Her hair is made of mohair – a silky material made from the hair of the Angora goat. Her face is hand-embroidered and hand-painted.

Age 3 and up
13 inches tall
Hand washable

The Earth Friends Doll Raji

Each doll is lovingly handcrafted in the U.S.A. Doll is made of cotton, hemp and soft stuffing from recycled plastic containers. Includes a small backpack with the seed of a tree, vegetable or flower in a cool recycled packaging. Available in other ethnicities.

Age 2 and up
14 and 22 inches tall
Dolls hand washable, clothing Machine washable.

BabiCorolle Sorbet Melodie Doll

This pretty soft doll by Corolle makes a perfect gift because it comes in a cute shoe-box style package. Soft and light, this adorable infant first doll will enchant the very young.

Birth and up
16 inches tall
Machine washable

Keptin Jr – Organic Cotton Doll

This 100% organic cotton doll is filled with pure wool. The simplicity of the design stimulates the child’s creativity, and the high quality of the product guarantees it will last.

It is squishy soft and tall, so it is perfect for hugging and sleeping with. This sweet girl is wearing a pretty yellow dress and has long black pigtail. Available in other ethnicities.

Birth and up
10 inches tall
Machine washable

Another Sneaky Place PVC May Be Hiding In Your Baby’s Doll

All of our dolls recommended here are 100%-free of PVC. But, just because you’ve chosen a cloth doll, does not mean your choice is free of PVC.

If the doll is stuffed with plastic pellets, please pay attention to what those pellets are made from. Some are made from PE pellets (which are free of PVC and safe for use in the home), others are made from PVC pellets. PE stands for polyethylene, and PVC stands for polyvinylchloride.

Please read your label, or if you need to, contact your doll’s manufacturer directly. Safe snuggles!