I think every parent goes through the “I can’t get my child to eat anything healthy!” phases.  Believe me, we have tried many of the sneaky ways to hide nutritional goodness in food, let me tell you.  Like the spinach in the blueberry cake trick.

But I have to say, Parma! really does take home the cake when it comes to a nutrient dense sprinkle (vegan Parmesan cheese) you can add to nearly any meal.

If the phrase “vegan” Parmesan cheese makes you turn up your nose already, wait just one moment.  If I haven’t tried this personally, and if I have not (and my toddler too) fallen in love with the stuff, I would be thinking the same thing.

Truth be told, I have never had a vegan cheese that I thought tasted good, not until we laid our chompers on Parma!  It is DELICIOUS!  Yumm, yumm, yumm yumm yumm.  And my little girl eats it right out of the container if she can get to it.

We love to sprinkle Parma! on soups, pastas, salad, toast and anything else you would gladly use Parmesan cheese on.  My family is not vegan, and my husband especially is NOT vegan.  But he finished off the Chipotle Parma! before the traditional style container was gone!

Honestly, our stash is gone and I am eagerly awaiting a new shipment to arrive asap!

Ingredients in this Vegan Parmesean

“So what exactly is in this stuff?” you may be thinking.  Well, the ingredients are simple, and packed with a wholesome nutrition that any mother would be pleased to serve!

Nutritional yeast:

  • The nutritional yeast used in Parma! is Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula nutritional yeast. It is the highest quality nutritional yeast available. It contains good quality protein and B vitamins, including B12; it has a yellow or gold color from its riboflavin content.
  • This kind of yeast is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is food yeast grown in a molasses solution. This yeast is easily digestible and contains all the essential amino acids. It is a different species of yeast than candida yeast; they don’t have anything to do with each other.  Candida yeast is a wild live yeast while Red Star nutritional yeast is cultured and pasteurized. In fact, Red Star nutritional yeast is guaranteed candida albicans negative.

Organic Walnuts

  • Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • People who get their omega-3s from walnuts, flax seeds and canola oil have had just as much benefit as those who get them by eating fish… So that’s good news for vegans, and for people trying to avoid eating fish for ethical reasons, or to avoid dioxins, methylmercury and other toxins.  And for a little system, such as that of our toddlers and children, dioxins and mercury is not something to mess around with, but the benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids are important.
  • Omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory and overall immune system function, increase “good” cholesterol (HDL) and decrease total cholesterol and triglycerides, and are essential to normal developmental health, including formation of a healthy brain, eyes, and nervous system.

Celtic Sea Salt™ and it’s nutritional value:

  • It’s a whole food, presented as it is in nature
  • It contains a variety of balanced nutrients
  • It’s harvested by hand using a centuries’ old Celtic tradition of evaporation to leave its minerals in tact but supported by modern quality control standards
  • It tastes better than conventional table salt
  • You can use more without any health worries or without losing flavor
  • You will get essential nutrients that support your body better
  • Gourmet chefs use this salt for its fine quality and incomparable taste
  • In 1991, The French Ministry of Forests and Agriculture gave its most honorable “Superior Quality Food” mention to Celtic Sea Salt™

How their harvesting method makes a real difference:

We think this is great too….

Gathered and harvested near the coast of Northwestern France where the ocean water is rich in a variety of minerals makes Celtic Sea Salt™ superior to other salts. The salt is channeled into clay ponds where the sun and wind evaporate the water leaving a rich mineral brine. A salt farmer uses wooden tools to speed its drying and helps the salt crystals form before packaging takes place.

By contrast the everyday table salt we usually see and use is washed and boiled. It is then mixed with iodine, bleaching agents, and anti-caking agents to create a purely white, free-flowing product. Even many sea salts you see in health food stores have been boiled and washed, which ends up removing minerals and trace elements. Celtic Sea Salt IS different.

Each and every year, this salt is analyzed by an independent research laboratory to assure its valuable nutritional content. Those test results demonstrate that Celtic Sea Salt™ is lower in sodium and chloride than traditional table salts. In addition, its mineral and trace element content is much higher. Your body will feel the difference.

Toddlers, Children, and Nut or Food Allergies

“For children, I would not feed Parma!™ or any nuts to a child under the age of 1; if allergies and sensitivities run in the family, I would wait even longer.

When you do introduce nuts add them on their own, where you add them daily for a week without introducing anything else new and notice any symptoms or differences in your child’s health, in particular with the skin, emotions, or digestion.”  -Shannon, founder of Eat in the Raw

Vegan Recipes with Parma!

I ran out of my Parma! before I even had a chance to try these amazing looking recipes.  But, I will surely be trying some of these with my next order!

A Nutrient Dense Option Your Child Will Love

So sprinkle this goodness with a smile, knowing that your child is receiving all the benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, a dose of every essential amino acid, trace minerals, and a balance of essential nutrients too!  Really, the whole family will be happy at dinner time, even your non-vegan Daddy!

Parma! is also a Kosher product that is dairy free, without gluten, no soy and gmo-free!  Thanks Parma!

For locations that carry Parma!, visit www.eatintheraw.com but I will be mail ordering ours from VeganEssentials.  A 7 oz. bottle of the traditional Parma costs just $7.49, and the Chipole flavor (which Daddy just loves) is $8.39.