By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

We can honestly say we have never seen a kid activity subscription quite like this one before! Green Kid Crafts has stolen the show and taken the prize for offering a product that is not only fun and engaging for our kids, but socially responsible for our planet too!

“What is a kid activity subscription?” you may ask. Well, think of it like a monthly magazine subscription that comes in the mail for you. Except this is an eco-conscious arts-and-crafts subscription that comes in the mail for your kids! We have just fallen in love with the convenience of this program that ships out enriching, earth friendly projects that keep kids engaged in something positive and creative.

This is a fantastic idea for any home with children 3-8 years of age, and would be a terrific gift for any occasion/holiday too. The company offers a monthly program where they send a craft box with different activities each month for a low price of $19.50 and they provide free ship. How great is that! And to top off the coolness, you can subscribe on a month-to-month basis, 3, 6, and 12 month plans. It comes delivered to your door in a great brown box that we decided to use for crayons instead of just throwing it in the recycle bin.

Green Kid Crafts Wins The MACT Excellence AND Green Awards

Green Kid Crafts is eco-friendly all the way around; packaging to production to the final product!

1. Product Materials

Green Kid Craft’s Discovery Boxes are different each month, but their sourcing principles stay the same.

Some of our favorite Green Kid Craft products include these eco-friendly materials:

  • recycled felt,
  • recycled paper, and
  • recycled ribbon.

We also love that their engaging crafts include natural materials like:

  • recycled wool yarn,
  • clay,
  • recycled fiberboard,
  • canvas, noodles,
  • cruelty-free feathers,
  • shells,
  • jute twine,
  • organic cotton fabrics, and
  • wood.

They will also be experimenting with using recycled materials from national brands. For example, Stonyfield Farms is sending us thousands of recycled yogurt tops from their rewards program to use as fish scales in a future ocean-themed box. How cool is that?!

2. Conscious, Eco-Packaging!

Green Kid Crafts’ boxes are 100% recycled and they use recycled labels and envelopes for shipping. They minimize packaging and use biodegradable plant-based cello bags to hold our individual craft kits. They avoid all craft foams and plastics and ensure that craft supplies can be composted, recycled, and/or reused whenever possible.

3. Crafts That Raise Awareness and Consciousness In Our Children

Green Kid Crafts integrates eco-awareness into their themes as much as possible! I really appreciated the gratitude tree that came in our November package. My daughter and I had such a sweet time filling in the gratitude leaves.

4. Giving Back To Our Planet

And they give back. A minimum of 1% of sales is donated to environmental organizations through our membership in 1% of the Planet. They also offset 100% of the carbon dioxide generated by their business and help fund the development of renewable energy projects across the US.

Eco-friendly Creativity That Arrives Right At Your Door

Each month Green Kid Crafts puts together a new and exciting Discovery Box, centered around a fun theme that contains 3 inspiring projects for budding crafters to enjoy.

Subscriptions are only $19.50/month with free shipping!

Take a look inside some of their crafty craft kits now!

Product Reviews From Real Moms For Green Kid Crafts

Mom Tester #1: Kerissa, 3 year old daughter

When I first heard of Green Kids Crafts it was very new to me. Little did I know I would fall in love with their ideas so quickly! A craft box with 3 earth friendly crafts and is great for parents not wanting to have to run out and gather items for one specific craft. I found it simple and easy when it was time to sit down and have one on one time with my daughter.

Our craft box was loaded with options to choose from, one was growing your own fresh organic basil, another was growing organic alfalfa sprouts, a tile coaster, and last one was a cute felt fish game. I would say the herbs were my favorite part and my daughters too. We both loved placing the seeds into the provided soil and watching them grow over the next 5-10 days. What a fun way to show a toddler how food grows, and the steps in making it possible. The crafts are easy to do and provide lots of hands on fun for both the child and assisting parent.

Mom Tester #2: Samantha

Three projects came with our November shipment. Each one was unique, with different materials and concepts being offered with each one.

I really appreciated that the projects were age appropriate for both my 6 and 8 year olds. The arts-and-craft projects were simple enough for them to really take charge with the project, and I could see they felt a sense of sweet accomplishment when their projects were complete. It was an enjoyable time for all of us. The convenience of having unique, colorful and well-thought-out crafts is priceless to me. Easy set up, easy clean up, and in between tons of creative fun!

The price is incredibly fair and I know my children will be really happy to receive their monthly mail too! It will be exciting each month to see the new treasures that arrive in our mailbox.