10/23/16  It has come to our attention that Monkey Tyz are no longer available.  There are reports of customers who have ordered on the MonkeyTyz website and did not receive the product.  When they’ve tried to contact the company, there was no response. We have contacted the company and have not heard back.

By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

Monkey Tyz gets a unanimous thumbs up and wins the prestigious MACT Excellence Award for being a product that parents can trust in to keep their little Houdinis securely fastened in their car seats. I mean really, is there any other cargo as precious as your child? And according to a fairly recent Yale University Study, way more children (approximately ages 3 and under) are capable of releasing their chest clip than I thought possible. Many of them unbuckling while the car is in motion. Yikes!

Thanks to the tested and true Monkey Tyz, which happens to be the only product on the market that addresses the unbuckling of the chest clip on most infant and children’s car seats, parents can drive down the highway with the peace of mind that their child is safe and happily secure in their seat.

Why Monkey Tyz Wins The MACT Excellence Award

Both my kids (now 5.5 and 2.5) never tried to unbuckle themselves, so we ask 2 moms from our MACT Awards panel of parents to test Monkey Tyz for us.

Then just before Christmas, we drove to my mom’s place (3 hour distance) with both kids and for the first time, my 2 1/2 year old son was able to push down the chest clip to slide out both arms. I couldn’t stop on the freeway and was worried for his safety….that’s when I thought Monkey Tyz was a genius idea and I needed one immediately!

Some of the reasons why we love Monkey Tyz include:

  1. By fastening the Monkey Tyz strap to the upper buckle of your child’s car seat, you can prevent your child from getting out. Simply slide the fabric over the front of the buckle, and clip it in the back. Your child is now ready to cruise safely and securely.
  2. The fabric (83% Polyester/17% Cotton) is made from recycled fabric and has the look and feel of suede.
  3. Designed by a mom who was looking for a solution to her own concern.
  4. Manufactured in California, USA!

Real Mom’s Review Monkey Tyz

A MACT Awards Mama from our panel raved:

“Ever get that nervous gut dropping feeling when your toddler has just unbuckled themselves in their car seat and your going 65 MPH on the highway? What do you do? Slam on the brakes chancing a car accident, or maybe fiddling the buckle with one hand while trying to pay attention to the road at the same time? Those are simply not safe at all and we now have a solution called Monkey Tyz! It’s a simple and fantastic invention made from a concerned mother who was having the same problems. I have enjoyed this product as my toddler was always unbuckling herself when we were out and about, and I was always worried she was going to be in the front seat with me at one point she was so fast at it. Taking the extra minute to attach it to the buckle is worth the life saving benefits that every mom worries about.

Monkey Tyz has two different sizes to work with numerous car seats which is very nice. The website has videos to walk you through the process so no guessing if your doing it correctly. They are made in the US with recycled fabrics, and have a super soft suede look and feel for comfort and style. With 3 easy steps you can save an injury and possible death happening to your child. 250,000 kids get injured a year, and 2,000 children die in car accidents. Those are astonishing, and if this product can lower those numbers who wouldn’t be all for it!

My toddler didn’t seem to like it at first, she would tug on it and whine that she couldn’t get it off, but after having it on the past couple weeks its normal routine when getting in the car seat. I would much rather deal with her whining in the car than repeatedly unbuckling and chancing her running about the car which is not safe! Monkey Tyz is also hand washable which is a great thing, when toddlers always seem to get stuff dirty. I washed mine with a wet rag and little soap and then let air dry and it was set to go again.

For any parent with a child in a harness car seat between the ages of 18mos to 4 years of age this is a must have! Why wait for the chance of your child learning to unbuckle the belt when you can prevent it altogether. At a price of $29.95 you can save your child from an injury that could occur when they are free from the seat. They arrive in a plastic container and all the instructions you need to have a successful car ride. Its a simple item your going to love and enjoy!”

Another mama’s experience with Monkey Tyz:

“My kids always undo the top buckle of their car seats. It has become a problem as they always pop their arms out of straps and get free. I tried the Monkey Tyz and noticed that they still messed with their belts and one actually got the Monkey Tyz loose.

After receiving some extra tips I realized I was not tightening the top buckle and pushing it up to meet there chest. This allowed their little fingers to get behind the buckle. After securing the belt tighter and putting Monkey Tyz over buckle I didn’t experience any more problems. Now the kids ask me to put on the Monkey Tyz. They work great once I learned the right way to put them on and would definitely recommend!”

And yet another happy mama tester says this:

“Monkey Tyz is fantastic because it has helped keep our little “monkey” safely strapped into her car seat. It gives us as parents, the peace of mind that she is safe, so that we don’t have to constantly look back while we’re driving to check on her – thus potentially endangering ourselves and other drivers! Traditional car seat straps alone just don’t cut it for all kids, especially our industrious daughter. But Monkey Tyz has out-smarted her, not only does it keep her safe, but it is also simple to use. Packaging was minimal and recyclable, with straightforward instructions for installation and use. I have and would recommend this product to other moms and will continue to use it so long as she is in her car seat and/or is attempting to get out on her own.”

Choosing The Size Monkey Tyz That Is Correct For Your Car Seat

It is important to note that Monkey Tyz has 3 sizes to choose from. You will need to know your car seat type to choose the correct size buckle cover for your little monkey.

  1. Eddie Bauer, Cosco, Safety 1st, Britax have the most common size = Monkey Tyz
  2. Evenflow has it’s own size = Monkey Tyz Jr.
  3. Graco- is still in development. Target release date Spring 2012 = No Graco Seats!

Suggested Age: 12mo. to 36 mo. of age.