What would it look like if you gave yourself the permission to experience PLEASURE in each moment? What if something as close to us as our very own breath could feel orgasmic and blissful?

Tune into your body lovingly, enjoying each precious moment, in this sensual and slow yoga practice. Really, when was the last time you slowed down and gave yourself the space to smell the roses?

Yoga To Enliven Your Senses And Aid In Restful Sleep

I just had a student of mine email me after our very gentle class together this past week.  She said, “I slept so good after last weeks slowed down, sensual class.  Slowing down can be hard for me, but so good.” Can you relate? Is slowing down just not something that is on your to-do list? If so, this one if for YOU.

I wonder what else may be gifted to you when you take the time for you in this way, to feel, breathe and connect to yourself intimately. Personally, slowing down like this on my yoga mat allows me to receive heightened pleasure from the simple things in life, like a warm shower or the gentle caress of the breeze on my skin. All things that really do offer us so much pleasure, but if we are not in our bodies, feeling and being in the moment, we rob ourselves of so much joy and ecstasy.

Come, take a vacation from your thoughts, and be bathed in the paradise of your body, breath and senses. What if your sense are here for your enjoyment? What if you’ve yet to tap into those gifts fully?

The Benefits of Deliberately Slowing Down And Feeling

May this practice assist you in:

  • maintaining your utmost health
  • experiencing delightful pleasure in simple things
  • revealing your truest vibrancy.

About Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson doing mermaid pose, a yoga stretch, by the ocean during her yoga retreat on Kauai.

Samantha Fox Olson is a mom, and co-founder of SAFbaby.com. She infuses her 22+ years of experience instructing movement with enthusiasm, love and a desire to stretch what you believe to be possible. She currently teaches kids and adult classes, leads yoga and fitness retreats on Kauai, as well as yoga teacher training programs.

Her teaching over the years has been in the disciplines of gymnastics, dance, yoga and fitness. In 2005 she became a certified Anusara yoga instructor. You can find out more about her, and register for her inspirational monthly newsletter at www.KauaiYogaAndFitness.com.

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