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Our renowned group of holistic health experts, chosen for their pediatric experience, knowledge and integrity, offer in-depth insights and trusted solutions to parents and parents-to-be who are committed to helping their child thrive in mind, body, spirit and soul.

There are solutions that all parents can apply to correct, enhance and protect their child’s health, starting with pre-conception preparation and throughout childhood. The stunning increase in primary childhood disorders during recent years must galvanize all parents into action.”

Safe Baby Healthy Child’s Dr. Murray Clarke

Our Experts

Dr. Murray Clarke, D.Hom., L.Ac.
Dr. Murray Clarke, D.Hom., L.Ac.Homeopath, Acupuncturist
Dr. Kathleen Fry, MD, CTHHom.
Dr. Kathleen Fry, MD, CTHHom.Homeopathic Physician, Speaker, Author
Mary Cordaro
Mary CordaroCertified Baubiologist Healthy Building & Indoor Environmental Consultant
Dr. Raymond Silkman, DDS
Dr. Raymond Silkman, DDSBiological Dentist
Adam Sutter
Adam SutterFood, Supplements, Neutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals
To be a trusted resource, by providing in-depth information from experts selected for their knowledge, experience, integrity and dedication to the highest possible standards of holistic principles and uncompromising solutions.

To empower parents and parents-to-be to create the safest, non-toxic environments, provide optimum nourishment and utilize the most beneficial healthcare solutions at the most critical time of their child’s life…from pre-conception through childhood.

To create community and inspire a world where babies and children can once again breathe clean air, drink pure water, eat foods grown and made with care, trust that toys and products are free from harm and fully thrive in body, mind, spirit and soul.

To heighten awareness and impart wisdom that will nurture and enhance our children’s lives for generations to come.

“As a busy mom of a toddler, that works full time, Safbaby.com is a website I can easily access, anytime, anywhere that provides me with accurate answers to tough issues and questions out there that I can trust!”
Melissa Timmer, GR

My kids – and my kids’ kids – will be safer and healthier because of the work you have done. THANK YOU!
-Erin, Owner of lullaby organics and SafBaby subscriber

“I think this is great. I have been trying to learn all this type of stuff on my own. You have clearly laid out some of the issues that
are most important to me. More importantly you give parents easy ways to make the necessary changes.”
-Kari Bliss

“We came across this wonderful website, SafBaby. Recently, they wrote a lengthy eye-opening piece entitled “Decrease World Poverty, buy organic cotton for your baby.” Please take some time to read their piece. Not only is this site and article a great source of information but provides an incredible dose of inspiration! Remember, children are our future!”
-From Greenstuffconnection.blogspot.com

“Safbaby has impacted my daily life by changing what toys my daughter plays with, what she drinks from, what she eats with. It reminds me of the importance of living healthy and avoiding toxins wherever possible.

I read many parenting blogs, newsletters, groups, and even print magazines. Safbaby is hands-down the best for living healthy and toxin-free, not only for my baby, but for myself. The articles are thorough, thoughtful, and thought-provoking! It’s the first place I turn when I have a question about eco-friendly and healthy ways to care for my baby.” – Maria

“I love the breadth of articles on everything from updates on toxins in toys and baby products to nutrition to the “health” of one’s nursery. I subscribe to the email updates, which is great to keep on top of the latest baby safety news.

I do visit other parenting and green living blogs, but I find that Safbaby is the most focused on the safety of infants. Other blogs may have an article here or there, but I know when I visit Safbaby that I’ll be hearing about the latest on infant safety.”  – Kathleen

“Safbaby is a great site for valuable information. I have two preteens and still use the information when shopping for family/household items. (It’s not just for new mommies!)” – Autumn

“I’m new to safbaby.com, but have already found the articles very useful. Both my kids have skin problems and allergies, so I want to steer clear of extra chemicals and pollutants that wear on their little bodies. Safbaby.com is full of valuable information to help me help them live healthy lives.”  – Melodia