If you are looking for an organic line of baby food that is DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS, here you go!  Oh the reasons we love HappyBaby™ Pouches organic food for babies, tots and kids. Today we bring you the results from real moms, babies and tots testing a couple amazing organic meals and organic fruit purees that (again) unanimously ended in bowls being licked clean!  (When you have a picky eater this is something you want to shout from the mountain tops.)

Ultimately we as parents would provide the very best home-made baby food for our little ones with fresh and local produce and whole grains. Strive to do this as often as you can! But in a real world we find that this can be challenging to achieve 100% of the time.  We are busy and on-the-go, so finding a packaged baby food you can trust in, and that your kid will eat, is a gift.  And HappyBaby Pouches are packaged in BPA-free packaging!

HappyBaby™ has a line of premium organic baby foods, meals and finger foods that have all passed our prestigious testing regime.  HappyBaby’s PUFFS and MELTS have also most recently won our EXCELLENT SEAL OF APPROVAL AWARD for being safe alternative and supremely tasty baby finger foods.  Keep reading to find out what our mom testers have to say about these organic purees and meals.

Happy Baby is Lead Free

As you may wonder too from our recent findings with lead being found in organic juices and baby foods we had to ask Happy Baby:  Have you had your products tested for lead?

Happy Baby replies:  “We take a two-pronged approach.  All of our ingredients are required to be heavy metal free, and we periodically test our products (spot test) to verify the same.  FYI….we were doing this before the industry check that broke the story.”

BPA-Free Packaging For Baby Food Is a Must

Our mom testers really, really appreciated seeing the words BPA-Free listed right on the packaging.  Additional packaging likes include that these pouches are great for traveling and on-the-go parents, easy to transport and they liked not having to worry about glass breaking or leaking.  These pouches conveniently take up very little space in the cupboard or refrigerator too!  (Great things come in small packages.) A few more pointers on the pouches:

-The tubes are easy for older toddlers to grasp and suck/drink the food right out of them for a mess free clean up
-The ease of the squeeze tubes have no need for a bowl, just a spoon which is great for clean up
-Loved seeing how it was ready to eat right out of package, no need to heat and if you want it warm you just put in a bowl of warm water, which is great for no loss in nutrients.

Another happy mama put it this way,

We loved HappyBaby easy baby meals!  The packaging is so convenient and so versatile. This is a great on the go product.  It can be eaten just as is or quickly heated up by placing pouch in some hot water.  Great for camping too.  The serving size is perfect and my baby loves the combined food. I am at peace knowing she is getting all the nutrients she needs to be a healthy, happy baby.”

Happy Baby Organic Food In Pouches

These pouches are offered in 3 phrases for introducing different food/combination of foods to your baby.

  1. Starting Solids
  2. Simple Combos (6 months+)
  3. Balanced Meals (7 months +)

Each pouch also offers easy to find info such as:  No added sugar, soy, wheat, dairy, or gluten on certain packages, nice for children with allergies parents dont have to second guess what they are feeding them.  Here are the ones we tested:

Starting Solid Baby Food

Mango Puree-
-great real fruit smell and taste
-wonderful first solid for babies

-My 4 year old could not get enough of this stuff!  Living on an island where mangoes are one of my favorite fruits I was personally skeptical of this one, but I couldn’t get enough too.  So yummy!

Simple Combos Baby Food

Butternut Squash and apple-
-best flavor yet with super grains
-packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants is great, its also stated on front of package!

Bananas, beet, & blueberry puree-
-tasted wonderful
-surprised how the flavors mixed together tasted really refreshing
-great chilled as well on a chilly day it works as a healthy alternative to a smoothie for babies and toddlers

Balanced Meals Baby Food

Amaranth Ratatouille-
-great hearty flavor
-super grain all throughout the meal in every bite gave great texture
-worked great on pasta too

Super Salmon-
-wonderful texture and thickness
-actual WHOLE lentils, not pureed into the meal
-great hearty smell with a wonderful taste, not a fishy smell and had a light fish taste, overall fantastic!
-daughters favorite


“These were a hit in my house the past few days as I was testing them with my almost 13 month old daughter. I loved being able to hand the squeeze tube to her and she could feed herself she was so excited to do this. The food flavor combination’s were fabulous, you sure don’t get these flavors with other competition brands,” happy mama tester.