As every parent eventually discovers, having something healthy “at-the-ready” when your little one says “I’m hungry!” can make the day run much more smoothly.  While adults can go for longer periods of time between meals, children are growing and their bodies need a constant supply of energy that can only be found in nutrient-rich food.

But finding and preparing a variety of healthy snacks that kids will enjoy every day is easier said than done…

Do you tend to shop for the same snacks over and over?

Do you wish you had more time to find something new?

Well, now you can…with Safe Baby Healthy Child’s “Ultimate Guide to Healthy Snacks”.

Use this guide to help stock your pantry full of great snacks ready for enjoying at home or “on-the-go”: snack choices that’ll expand your child’s palate and ease your mind, knowing that you’re choosing foods that are truly healthy, pure and nutritious.

You’ll find 3 categories of snacks in our Ultimate Guide:

  1. “Grab-n Go” Snacks
  2. Simple “Make-Ahead” Snacks
  3. “Special Treat” Snacks


Made in Nature Dried Organic Fruit – Organic, Unsulphured, non-GMO

Organic fruit picked at its peak and gently dried. Made in Nature fruit is exceptionally moist, plump and naturally sweet. Order online or find a store near you.

Organic Plums, Organic Apples, Organic Apricots, Organic Golden Pineapple, Organic Mangoes


Made in Nature also has Fusions that pair fruits with seeds and spices:

Super Berry Fusion – organic tart cherries, blueberries, cranberries, raisins and goji berries with pepita seeds.

Tropical Fusion – bananas, pineapple, mango, coconut, ginger and cacao nibs.

Apple Cinnamon – Apples, raisins and cinnamon

fusion snack

Sky Island Organic Almond Milk

Sky Island supports local farms and makes their products from organic whole foods free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and refined sugars. Made in Idyllwild, California. Available from stores.

To make this milk, almonds are soaked in filtered water, then blended and strained into glass bottles.

Organic Plain & Simple Almond Milk

Organic Cacao Almond Milk

Organic Chai Spice Almond Milk

Organic Vanilla Almond Milk


Cheese is an excellent snack when your family is on the go. Here are 3 brands to choose from:

  1. Kerrygold Grass-Fed Irish Cheese
  2. Rumiano Organic California Cheese
  3. Organic Pastures Raw Cheese


Kerrygold products are made with natural, grass-fed, hormone-free cows milk on cooperative dairy farms in Ireland. Many markets such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods carry this cheese.

Dubliner Natural Cheddar – sweet, nutty and a bit sharp

Aged Cheddar – rich cheddar

Reserve Cheddar – strong, sharp flavor

Skellig – creamy cheddar with a butterscotch-like sweetness

Blarney Castle – mild and creamy similar to a Gouda

Swiss – creamy, sweet and nutty

 Kerrygold cheese


Rumiano is the oldest family-owned cheese company in California. All of their dairies are small, local and family-owned in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties in Northern California.  Rumiano offers the world’s first non-GMO verified cheeses made with organic pasteurized milk in Northern California. Find a location near you.

Organic Colby: a semi-hard cheese with a mild, sweet flavor similar to cheddar

Organic Fontina: a honey-nut flavor with a buttery smooth texture

Organic Gouda: Mild with a creamy texture

Organic Havarti: very mild, creamy, semi-soft cheese

Organic Medium Cheddar – semi-soft favorite

Organic Mild Cheddar – semi-soft and very mild

Organic Monterey Jack – semi-hard cheese with a mild flavor

Organic Mozzarella – classic Italian mozzarella

Organic Sharp Cheddar – full flavor with more of an edge

Rumiano cheese

Organic Pastures Raw Cheddar

Family-owned and operated in Fresno, California. Organic Pastures cheddar is made from nutrient dense raw milk from pasture-grazed cows. Organic Pastures Raw Cheddar is never warmed above 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Distribution from Mt. Shasta near Oregon to San Diego to Mammoth Lakes. Find a Farmer’s Market or store near youorganic pastures


A great way to stock up on fresh snacks is by going to a farmer’s market. You’ll not only find the freshest fruits and vegetables that are much more nourishing, but you’ll also strengthen your child’s connection to where food comes from and open up your world to varieties not found in supermarkets.

Fresh Organic Fruit

Did you know that fruit keeps fresh with a little orange juice?  For avocados splash with lemon juice.  And, a delightful tip from Alice Waters is to add sprigs of herbs like lemon verbena or mint.  What would your child think of a sprig of chocolate mint on some fresh raspberries?

When choosing fruit, look for firmness and bright coloring…and be sure to try all varieties! Here’s a list of fruits to remind you of all the possibilities:


Organic Vegetables


Carrots – Carrots at farmer’s markets are some of the sweetest you’ll ever find. Look for different varieties and a rainbow of colors such as dark purple, ruby and cream. The green tops let you know how fresh the carrots are but remove them before storing as they draw moisture out from the carrots.

Broccoli – lightly steam broccoli until it turns bright green, then put a generous pat of butter on and watch what happens when you give it to your child.

Cauliflower – Be daring and try a purple or an orange one.

Snap Peas – Children will eat as many of these as you give them!  These are best at farmer’s markets as store-bought snap peas tend to lose their crunchy crispness.

Corn on the Cob – finding inventive ways to eat corn makes it a childhood favorite.

Cucumbers – When these are sliced thinly and kept chilled, they’re always a hit.

Tomatoes – There are so many varieties with different shapes, sizes and flavors available at Farmer’s markets.  Try heirlooms, cherry and pear tomatoes and for the ultimate experience, grow one or more of your own.

Pepper slices – Who can resist slices of bright orange, red, yellow and green?


Watermelon – a treat that works any time it’s available and welcomed whenever you bring it as a snack for group events.

Don’t forget to try honeydews, cantaloupes and casabas. You can tell a melon will be delicious if the vine-ripened end has a sweet smell.

Jillz Gluten-Free Crackers

Jill Morris launched her company in 2013 when she couldn’t find a healthy snack for her gluten intolerant husband.

If you compare the ingredients in Jillz to other crackers, you’ll quickly see the difference!

Jillz Ingredients: almond flour, organic sesame seeds, organic flax seeds, organic chia seeds, organic tapioca flour, organic apple cider vinegar and a blend of seasonings.

Choose from Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, Mediterranean, Tuscan.

Online store and listing of retail stores.


 Go Raw

Go Raw uses a dehydration process that’s kept at an average of 98 degrees Fahrenheit to maximize enzymes, nutrition and flavor.  Their Flax Snax crackers are made with sprouted organic flax seeds, sprouted organic sesame seeds and organic tomato powder. Order online or locate a store.


ClifBar – Kit’s Organic

Kit Organics uses a handful of organic ingredients without any added sugar. Purchase Online in Bulk (12 bars) or available in stores.

Dark Chocolate Walnut, Dark Chocolate Chili Almond, Dark Chocolate Peanut, Cashew, Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut, Peanut Butter, Apricot and Sesame Seeds, Cherry and Pumpkin Seed, Lemon Vanilla Chia Seeds.

 Kits Bar

Traderspoint Creamery Yogurt

Traderspoint is an organic, 100% grass-fed dairy farm and artisan creamery in Zionsville, Indiana that is family-owned. If you live in Indiana, they have a Farm Store as well as a Green Market every week in the summer and during holidays. Products are available nationwide at Whole Foods and independent grocery stores and chains like Marsh and Kroger.

Traderspoint made the first organic, 100% grass-fed single serve yogurts in the U.S. packaged in glass.

Flavors: Raspberry, Banana Mango, Wildberry, Whole Milk.  Also available in a quart size.


St. Benoit Creamery

Two brothers started the St. Benoit Creamery in 2004, determined to create a French-style yogurt for the San Francisco area. They are a small batch creamery using low-heat, vat pasteurized, organic whole milk. Packaged in glass for individual servings or available in 23 oz size.   You can learn more about how this yogurt is made in this short video:  Find the products at these stores.

Plain, Meyer Lemon (definitely try this one), Strawberry, French Vanilla.



Homemade Applesauce

Plan on 5 minutes of peeling and coring, and 25 minutes of cooking.  Fresh applesauce is so easy and tastes a thousand times better than any you can buy.

Simply peel and core 3 or 4 apples, then cut into quarters. Put into a saucepan with about a ½ inch of water and a squeeze of lemon. Cover and cook over medium heat until completely soft. Remove from the heat and let cool. Use a potato masher for chunky applesauce or puree with a food mill.  Add cinnamon if you like.

Avocado Dip

5 minutes

2 ripe avocados

Juice from an organic lemon

Peel avocados, cut in half and remove avocado with a spoon around the inner skin.

Remove large pit. Place avocado in a glass bowl and squeeze some lemon juice in. Mash with a fork. Chopped cilantro can be added if desired.


An excellent everyday snack for babies (starting at the age of 4 months) is an organic egg yolk from a pasture-fed hen.  Sally Fallon’s exceptional cookbook “Nourishing Traditions” explains how “the egg yolk supplies cholesterol needed for mental development. The white, however, should not be given before the age of one year.”

To prepare, boil the egg for 3 ½ minutes. Remove shell and serve. Add a tiny pinch of sea salt.

Eggs are a great snack for all ages. You can even make some hard-boiled eggs ahead of time to keep on hand.

Choose Organic, Pasture-raised eggs such as Vital Farms, which are available in Whole Foods.



10 minutes

¼ cup organic popcorn

2 tablespoons coconut oil

Sea salt

Put popcorn and coconut oil in a large stainless steel skillet over medium heat. Cover and shake until popping begins. Lower heat until popping almost stops. Put in a large glass bowl, drizzle on melted butter or coconut oil; add some sea salt, mix and serve.

For a different taste, try some fresh, grated Parmesan.

Peanut Butter and Fruit Sandwiches

If your child isn’t allergic to peanuts, try the peanut butter from Santa Cruz. It’s Organic and Non-GMO. Store Locator.

Instead of the traditional jelly, use fresh fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, bananas or apples. Drizzle a bit of raw honey on the fruit for some added sweetness.  Amazingly, pairing  fruit with the peanut butter is sublime!  Try the chunky variety peanut butter and dip an apple slice in it with a dot of honey and see for yourself.

Four choices: Dark Roasted Creamy, Dark Roasted Crunchy, Light Roasted Creamy, Light Roasted Crunchy.

 peanut butter


Celery with Nut Butters

Cut celery into 3-4 inch pieces. Fill with nut butter. Add some coconut meat for more nutrition. See nut butters below.

Sprouted Nuts and Sprouted Nut Butters

You’ll notice all our listings below are for sprouted nuts and sprouted nut butters. Nuts are extremely nutritious, but can put a strain on the digestive system if too many are eaten at once. For easier digestion and activating the living enzymes in the nuts, they are best if first soaked in salt water, then dried in a warm oven or dehydrator

Sky Island Organics Sprouted Nuts

Raw, living nuts and seeds soaked in filtered water, lightly salted and dehydrated at low temperatures….perfect!  You can order these online at Zebra Organics.

Organic Sprouted Almonds

Organic Sprouted Cashews

Organic Sprouted Hazelnuts

Organic Sprouted Macadamia Nuts

Organic Sprouted Native Pecans

Organic Sprouted Pistachios (in-Shell)

Organic Sprouted Pistachio Kernels

Organic Sprouted Austrian Pumpkin Seeds

Organic Sprouted Walnuts

Trail Mix and Crunches

 sprouted nuts

Sky Island Sprouted Nut Butters

Sky Island Sprouted Nut Butters

Organic Sprouted Almond Butter

Organic Sprouted Brazil Nut Butter

Organic Sprouted Hazelnut Butter

Organic Sprouted Macadamia Nut Butter

Organic Sprouted Pecan Butter

Organic Sprouted Pistachio Butter

Organic Sprouted Walnut Butter

Organic Sprouted Austrian Pumpkin Seed Butter

Purchase online at Zebra Organics.nut butter

JEM Nut Spreads

Premium, organic, raw, non-GMO and sprouted nut spreads in small batches are stone ground in Bend, Oregon. Find a store near you.

Four flavors: Cinnamon Red Maca, Superberry Maqui Camu, Hazelnut Raw Cacao, Cashew Cardamom.

 Jem nut butter


Nutiva Coconut Manna

Made from fresh coconuts, Nutiva’s pureed coconut butter is organic and non-GMO. It can be used straight from the jar or warmed up and used as a spread. Shop online, find a store near you, or on Thrive Market.



 Chocovivo Bars

Chocovivo makes chocolate the way the Mayans and Aztecs made it by grinding with a tool similar to a mortar and pestle. ChocoVivo only makes dark chocolate (no milk powder, soy lecithin or additional cacao butter).

These are Pure Chocolate Bars made with Cacao nibs and unrefined cane sugar and are really a food, not a candy bar.  We suggest starting with the 65% chocolate blend, which is sweet and not too bitter. Note: This isn’t chocolate like anything you’ve ever had…a little goes a long, long way.  Order online.

chocovivo bar

 Chocovivo Butters

Chocovivo Butters are similar to nut butters. Fresh unpasteurized nuts from the grower are stone ground with cacao nibs, a touch of unrefined cane sugar and sea salt. Choose from Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Caramel Butter or Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (including unsweetened).

chocovivo butter

You may live close to farmer’s who have fresh produce and are making hand-crafted cheese or other products. Always look for farmers who are growing organic, non-GMO foods.  Check on the Local Harvest website or check to see if there’s a farmer’s market near you.

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