When your child or family member starts getting ill, do you feel uncertain or even panicked because you don’t know what to do to make them feel better?

What will you do if your child starts getting a fever?
The cough syrup you have isn’t working and your child can’t get to sleep. Now what?
Teething is making your baby cry in pain and the teething toy isn’t helping. What now?
And this late-night heart-stopper: “Mommy, my ear hurts really bad”.

You don’t need to feel anxious anymore.

Safe Baby Healthy Child is excited to announce that medical doctor and master homeopath, Dr. Kathi Fry has created a comprehensive program to help parents learn how to address common ailments such as colds, coughs, flu, ear infections and more with homeopathic remedies.

With Dr. Fry’s guidance, you’ll discover how homeopathic medicine can help:

  • relieve your child’s suffering and your own anxiety
  • strengthen the body’s innate ability to self-heal
  • reduce susceptibility to future illness
  • avoid unnecessary doctor visits
  • avoid the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs

Introducing Dr. Kathi Fry, Medical Doctor and Master Homeopath

“Homeopathy is the most powerful form of healing that I have ever encountered.
I have been able to help people in ways that I never could with conventional medicine.”

– Dr. Kathi Fry

Dr. Kathleen Fry, MD, CTHHom has the exceptional distinction of being the only doctor in the world who is both a licensed Ob/Gyn, Surgeon and Certified Hahnemanian Master Homeopath, the purest form of homeopathic practice.

Throughout her 30-year career, Dr. Fry has drawn on her extensive knowledge and experience both as a traditional medical doctor and homeopathic physician in helping thousands of people find true, deep healing rather than suppressing symptoms through the use of conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

She is a past president of the American Holistic Medical Association (now the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine) and was a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Dr. Fry appears regularly on television and radio and is a featured speaker at national and regional conferences such as the International Women’s Summit and Celebrate Your Life!

Dr. Kathi Fry’s Complete Homeopathy Program: 6 Empowering Benefits

Dr. Kathi Fry is a trusted source of knowledge who has helped heal thousands of patients from many serious conditions with homeopathic remedies.

She has created a simple, affordable program so you have everything at hand to feel supported to use homeopathic remedies confidently and effectively.

Discover the 6 empowering benefits that you can start taking advantage of right away.

You’ll learn how to use homeopathy for these common ailments:










  • FLU






Why is There So Much Interest in Homeopathy?

There is currently a resurgence of interest in Homeopathy because of the failing of conventional allopathic medicine, which does not restore people to a place of health but merely “shoots the messenger” by falsely equating symptoms with disease. The truth is that disease is a disordered state of the Vital Force, and symptoms are merely warning signs.

Find out:

How the pain and swelling from a bee sting can disappear in a few minutes
How to handle a fever without drugs
How to relieve a persistent cough so your child can sleep through the night
How to relieve teething pain
How to avoid antibiotics if your child develops an ear infection
… and much more.

“Dr. Fry has been our family homeopath for 6 years now. We turned to homeopathy after antibiotics and inhalers didn’t stop my daughters ear infections or her seasonal asthma.

With Dr. Fry’s help, we have successfully treated ear infections, croup, and many other illnesses. I’m happy to say she has not had to use an inhaler since starting homeopathy.

 Once you try it, you will never go back to pharmaceuticals to treat every day problems.” – Sarah D.

Introducing Dr. Kathi Fry’s Complete Homeopathy Program

Designed to Make Using Remedies Simple and Effective

Mom’s Homeopathic Rescue Kit: 20 of the most essential remedies for common childhood and family ailments.

How-To Videos: Dr. Fry’s expert guidance for 15 ailments such as fever, colds, coughs, ear infections and more using remedies in the kit.

Reference Book: Dr. Fry’s highly acclaimed, easy-to-use reference book What’s The Remedy For That?

“Homeopathy is a powerful and deep acting system of healing. I am very excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you so you can gain the confidence to treat your family successfully.

Join me and I’ll be your personal guide to vibrant health! “

– Dr. Kathi Fry

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