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All of a sudden, at age 3, this mom’s chubby-cheeked, healthy daughter became incredibly sick.

Lindsey describes what she watched happen to her daughter as they searched for an answer from doctors.

She lost weight until she was skin and bones.
Her skin went see-through.
She lost her hair and had several bald spots.
She was in extreme pain and would scream when she got out of bed.
Her joints were swollen and completely bright red.
She stopped growing and barely gained weight.

For years, the parents went from doctor to doctor, booked hospital appointment after hospital appointment looking for what was causing her to be so sick. Was it cancer? Rheumatoid arthritis? Lupus? DNA issues?

It seemed that their daughter was starving to death and not one of the top doctors or best hospitals in the country could figure it out. Watch what happened …

Sick Enough or Smart Enough

Have you ever found it strange that we use toxic cleaning products to clean our homes? Labels on the most commonly used cleaning products warn:

use in a well-ventilated area
keep away from children
call poison control in case of ingestion or over exposure

If you’ve ever walked down the cleaning product aisle at a grocery store, you can smell the chemicals even though the tops aren’t open. These chemicals don’t stay in the bottle, they seep out and contribute to the extremely poor air quality inside our homes. Studies have shown that a home can be up to 2-200X more polluted than outside air!

“I remember spraying a tile cleaner in the shower, then running out of the room because it would affect my throat for days after. At some point you think, this is crazy!” – Jenny V.

In exchange for marketing messages that promise faster, fresher, brighter, whiter, shinier, we’ve put health on the line.

Most people don’t realize just how toxic their homes are and the low-level chemical soup they live in. Their bodies start to adapt to this chemical soup and become “masked” to the chemicals that surround them so they no longer notice them. Marilee Nelson, co-founder of Branch Basics, sums it up by saying change happens once you are “sick enough or smart enough.”

Choose to be smart enough.

Time to Toss the Toxins

The astounding recovery this child experienced when Lindsey tossed the toxins is not a rare story. Each of the founders of Branch Basics, a company committed to truly non-toxic cleaning products, experienced their own worsening health issues resolve once they eliminated toxic chemicals from their lives.

Marilee Nelson recovered her own health and that of her son after chronic, debilitating and seemingly insurmountable health challenges that no doctor or specialist could figure out. Read her story here.

Allison Evans completely recovered from a loss of motor skills, chronic pain, PCOS and infertility. No doctor or specialist had ever been able to figure out what was wrong. Read her story here.

Kelly Love completely resolved health issues that are considered “normal”: dry and itchy eyes, painful menstrual cramps and headaches, joint pain and muscle pain. Read her story here.

In tossing the toxins, each of these women transformed their lives and the lives of their families for the better. And it is what drove them to create Branch Basics – a thoroughly tried-and-tested cleaning concentrate to handle every cleaning need.

Safe Baby Healthy Child Best Product Award

Branch Basics is a company built from the heart.
Our product is just a platform for our message.
We want to create an army of people
who have created healthy homes and are healthy and happy and inspired.

-Marilee Nelson

Safe Baby Healthy Child Best Product Award to Branch Basics Cleaning Products Founders

Safe Baby Healthy Child is proud to award Branch Basics our Best Product Award for their life-changing cleaning products and #tossthetoxins campaign that are dramatically improving the health of families across the country. Their cleaning products are in a class of their own: versatile, effective, affordable and most of all, safe for all humans no matter how young or old.

The Only Cleaning Product This Top Environmental Consultant Recommends

Mary Cordaro, Safe Baby Health Child’s Healthy Building and Indoor Environmental Expert, has been creating healthy homes and living spaces since 1992. As a certified Baubiologist (the study of how the built environment affects human and planetary health) she has gained national prominence for her integrity and meticulous adherence to the highest standards of health for homes. These standards go far beyond “green certifications” to embrace the most sensitive people, including the developing fetus, as well as the overall health of the Earth.

Mary has helped hundreds of people: from prospective parents who want their baby to begin life in a healthy home, to doctors who want to create a safe office environment for their most sensitive patients, to children and adults suffering from allergies, asthma, mold, chemical and electrical sensitivities, who need to safely remediate the toxic triggers that have caused their illness.

The only product Mary Cordaro recommends for cleaning is Branch Basics. For consultations about getting environmental toxins out of your home, safely remodeling or building a home or uncovering health issues from your home environment, contact Mary Cordaro here.

Approved By Second Largest School District in the Country

In many schools across the country, only sanitizers and disinfectants with EPA registered pesticides or 62% alcohol qualify for use in schools. But in 2019, after an environmental health and safety review, Branch Basics was approved as a cleaning product in the second largest school district in the USA. The Los Angeles Unified School District spans 28 cities with more than one thousand sites.

Let’s Get Started With The Basics!

The Starter Kit includes:

  • 33 ounces of the Concentrate
  • 3 empty 24 oz bottles: All-Purpose, Streak-Free, Bathroom
  • 10 oz Foaming Wash bottle (for hand and body)
  • 32 oz Laundry bottle (to fight stains and odors)
  • 2 lbs Oxygen Boost

Their multi-purpose concentrate is designed to be diluted to meet your every cleaning need. Just fill the empty bottles to the indicated water level, add the concentrate to the indicted concentrate level and you’re done! Bottles are refillable. The complete User Guide is available here.

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