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Mary CordaroCertified Baubiologist, Healthy Building and Indoor Environmental Consultant

Mary Cordaro, President of Mary Cordaro Inc., is a Healthy Building and Indoor Environmental Expert.

Since receiving one of the first U.S. certifications in the German field of Baubiologie (the study of how the built environment affects human and planetary health) in 1992, Mary has been using this holistic approach to solve health issues caused by building contaminants and to create safe, healing homes and living spaces.

Mary has gained national prominence for her integrity and meticulous adherence to the highest standards of health for homes. These standards go far beyond “green certifications” to embrace the most sensitive people, including the developing fetus, as well as the overall health of the Earth.

To address the complex nature of building environments and their toxicities, Mary Cordaro developed the nation’s first integrated team approach for creating and restoring healthy building environments.

Because it is critical to determine the source of an environmental contamination issue quickly and accurately, Mary specifies healthy building and interior materials and products, and directs a team of highly experienced specialists and scientists in the fields of mold and moisture, EMFs, chemicals, water, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, and building science.

Mary Cordaro views the built environment like a living organism and understands that changes in one area can have ramifications for all other areas; holistic, integrated medical practitioners hold a similar point-of-view in how they treat the body.

For example, something simple like painting or installing a new floor can potentially present long-term and sometimes serious health consequences. Fixing the harmful effects is not quick and easy like switching to a healthier shampoo. Once in place, a toxic building or interior product may affect the indoor environment for many years.

“It’s heartbreaking for me to see how many families are affected by all the toxins
they are exposed to in their homes, but it’s extremely life-affirming to see
how well their bodies can recover when they make the commitment to create a healthier home.”

Mary Cordaro’s “whole building” approach includes electromagnetic fields, moisture and materials, potential chemicals in existing buildings and heating and cooling systems.

Mary has helped hundreds of people: from prospective parents who want their baby to begin life in a healthy home, to doctors who want to create a safe office environment for their most sensitive patients, to children and adults suffering from allergies, asthma, mold, chemical and electrical sensitivities, who need to safely remediate the toxic triggers that have caused their illness.

Mary Cordaro is a featured speaker at health, environmental and building conferences and has a growing following of health practitioners, medical doctors, parents, architects, environmentalists and design professionals who understand the enormous health benefits of shifting away from environmental toxins.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit Mary Cordaro’s website.

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