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Dr. Fry’s Fever & Flu Package

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Did you know Belladonna can bring a fever down in minutes?
Did you know Gelsemium can make the most miserable flu bearable, even stop it in its tracks?

Yes! You can use homeopathy to treat fever and flu at home.

Our package puts it all together for you.

The Fever & Flu package includes:

  • 6 Essential Remedies to effectively treat fever and flu. Click HERE for the list.
  • 2 Videos where Dr. Fry discusses choosing the right remedy, how to dose & how often.
  • Dr. Fry’s Reference Book What’s The Remedy For That? The Definitive Homeopathy Guide To Mastering Everyday Self-Care Without Drugs
  • Free Storage Kit
  • Free Shipping
  • Tips on How to Take and Store Remedies

Having this package at the ready will allow you to:

  • Be able to choose the right remedy
  • Avoid side effects from pharmaceutical drugs
  • Address the root cause, not symptoms
  • Have medicine on hand that treats the whole family
  • Empower yourself to handle fever and flu at home
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to doctors
Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.


“Dr. Fry’s guidance helped me recognize the hallmark symptom for flu and know the correct remedy to take. I felt unable to get out of bed but recalled her talking about that specific symptom in this flu video.

After taking the remedy. I felt my flu symptoms lift within 10 minutes and could hardly believe that I felt like getting up. It was incredible to experience this and realize how truly healing homeopathic remedies are. Thank you Dr. Fry for sharing your knowledge about homeopathic remedies!”  – Laura W.

Watch an excerpt from the Fever Video!


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