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Mom’s Rescue Package, Homeopathy with Dr. Kathi Fry

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Now you can use homeopathy for common childhood and family ailments such as colds, coughs, fever, flu and more under the guidance of a Medical Doctor and Master Homeopath.

“I have found this medicine to be so safe and so deeply healing that I want to share it with everyone.” – Dr. Kathi Fry

Dr. Kathi Fry has designed this program to give you the immeasurable advantage of having remedies “on-hand” and her “on-call” through her guided videos so you can help any one in the family for the following ailments as soon as symptoms begin:

You’ll quickly reap the benefits of this homeopathic program:

  • Manage common ailments safely and effectively*
  • Help restore health and wellbeing*
  • Help reduce susceptibility to future illness*
  • Avoid unnecessary and expensive visits to the doctor or urgent care*
  • Avoid the expense and side effects of drugs*


“Dr. Fry has been our family homeopath for 6 years now. We turned to homeopathy after antibiotics and inhalers didn’t stop my daughters ear infections or her seasonal asthma.

With Dr. Fry’s help, we have successfully treated ear infections, croup, and many other illnesses. I’m happy to say she has not had to use an inhaler since starting homeopathy.

Once you try it, you will never go back to pharmaceuticals to treat every day problems.”

Sarah D.



The program includes:

  • 20 Essential Remedies: Handpicked by Dr. Fry as the most useful remedies to manage common childhood and family ailments. Click here for the complete list of remedies you’ll receive.
  • 15 Instructional Videos: Dr. Fry guides you on how to use homeopathy for 15 ailments such as fever, colds, coughs, ear infections and more using remedies in the package.
  • Reference Book: Dr. Fry’s highly acclaimed, easy-to-use reference book What’s The Remedy For That? The Definitive Homeopathy Guide To Mastering Everyday Self-Care Without Drugs.

“There is something very empowering in being able to take charge of your own health care. Using homeopathic remedies allows you to ease suffering for yourself and your family.” – Dr. Kathi Fry

Download all 15 videos from the Order Details page after completing your order.
Please note, the videos are in a zip file and may take a bit to download

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*Claims Based On Traditional Homeopathic Practice. Not Accepted Medical Evidence. Not FDA Evaluated.

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