Do you know that studies now show numerous serious health risks from added fluoride into our children’s diets?  They include: reduction in I.Q., early on set of puberty, brittle bones and fractures, and bone cancer.

Fluoride is added to water targeted for infants, it is in baby formula, and it is in some of our foods.  Check out the latest studies here and read our linked articles below for wonderful insights and preventative information.

The below is reprinted from Pure Facts, the newsletter of the Feingold Assocaion of the United States,

American children are ingesting too much fluoride, and about 40 percent of adolescents are now showing this in the form of dental fluorosis — pitting and staining of the teeth.  Excess fluoride when new teeth are forming, up to about age 8, seems to be the time when a child is most vulnerable.  This has led to warnings from the American Dental Association (ADA) not to use fluoridated water in infant formula.

In January, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced their recommendation that the amount of fluoride in drinking water be reduced  to 0.7 milligrams per liter.  The ADA has applauded this move.  Fluoride is also found in foods and beverages of all types, as well as dental products.

The agencies continue to maintain that fluoridation offers valuable benefits to citizens, regarding fluorosis as primarily a cosmetic issue, but the research linking fluoridation to serious health problems continues to grow.

Scientists Object

In 1999, the EPA’s own scientists issued a white paper expressing their opposition to the agency’s policies on fluoride “…based on the scientific literature documenting the increasingly out-of-control exposures to fluoride, the lack of benefit to dental health from ingestion of fluoride and the hazards to human health from such ingestion.”

The white paper cites studies that show numerous serious health risks from added fluoride.  These include reduction in I.Q., early on set of puberty, brittle bones and fractures, and bone cancer.

Dental Benefits Questioned

Controversy continues regarding fluoride that is added to the water supply, but not necessarily about  fluoride treatments applied directly to the teeth.   The white paper points to a large 1998 study of two New York cities that showed the only difference in dental health be tween Newburgh (with fluoridated water) and Kingston (without) was that there were twice as many cases of dental fluorosis in Newburgh.

The type of fluoride added to water supplies is a by product of fertilizer production and is not the same as that which occurs naturally.  The EPA scientists note that based on the agency’s standards for controlling risks from toxic chemicals, there should be “an immediate halt to the use of the nation’s drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.”

Reprinted from Pure Facts, the newsletter of the Feingold Association of the United States,

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