Editor’s Update 4/21/18

Please read the following update as SafBaby no longer is recommending the EcoSmart product line.

The EcoSmart Label for Ant and Roach Killer lists Rosemary and Cinnamon oil as the Active Ingredients. However, the MSDS shows Rosemary and Peppermint oil. Other products in the EcoSmart line use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is on EWG’s Dirty Dozen list of chemicals to avoid.
For ants and roaches, the simplest solution is removing food that is most likely the reason for their presence.  Wiping areas with vinegar may also deter them.
There are now more chemical-free alternatives available. For a 100% chemical-free product to repel insects, consider Keys RediCare.

EcoSMART® is a non-toxic, water based and natural insecticide with active ingredients made from organic plant oils!  Sound too good to be truly effective?

Well, get ready to be blown away!  Because when it comes to getting rid of pesky flying and crawling insects, EcoSMART® brings forth a whole new meaning to the phrase “kill ’em with kindness!”

When it comes to having something other that my baby crawling around on my floors, I am a little freaked out.  Specifically, “things” like ants, cockroaches, centipedes and the critters!

Living in a tropical climate, I reside in a land where crawling and climbing insects thrive!  The centipedes, and spiders reaching 4 inches in diameter, can tempt me to move towards extreme (and toxic) measures to get rid of them.

That’s until I am reminded of the detrimental dangers of exposing my child’s systems to the toxic chemicals that make them effective killers.

The Dangers of Insecticides to Our Babies and Kids

“Household insecticides may increase the risk of childhood leukemia, suggests French research in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.”¹

And if you are a pregnant mother, this is not something to take lightly.  “The risk of developing acute leukemia was almost twice as likely in children whose mothers said that they had used insecticides in the home while pregnant and long after the birth.”²

And “according to Dr. Mattison (from the March of Dimes), there is strong evidence that acute poisoning by these insecticides in humans can cause a myriad of short and long-term nervous system disturbances, including agitation, insomnia, muscle weakness, respiratory agitation, nervousness, irritability, forgetfulness, confusion and depression.”³

Two of the most popular classes of insecticides used in the U.S. are organophosphates and carbamates.

An Effective and Natural Insecticide

According to EcoSMART’S website:  University research and field studies have proven EcoSMART’s botanical products are as effective as conventional pesticides in their ability to kill insects fast and provide effective control.

Well, I thought I would have my husband put this natural insecticide to the test.  You see, he is not easily excited about a product just because it is all-natural.  He is an amazing man, and will admit it himself…. is a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to getting things done effectively and efficiently.

So when he left for the marching band of ants with the can of EcoSMART® and returned with a smile on his face, I was floored and incredibly happy to have found an effective and efficient way to keep our home bug free and safe!

Organic Plant Oils That Kill Insects

Quoting my husband, “This stuff really works!”  Additionally he added, “and it smells really good.”

You see, he first tested it on the ants.  Of which he said he sprayed them, and then watched their path to find they didn’t travel far, not far at all, before they died.

Organic oils such as peppermint and cinnamon are blended in a way that really does smell delightful.  By the smell of it, I couldn’t believe that it was a bug-killer.

The Ant and Roach Killer kills and repels:   ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, crickets, pill bugs, silverfish, spiders and other crawling insects on contact.

Organic Insecticide Flying Insect Killer by EcoSMART

Their Flying Insect Killer kills and repels flies, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, wasps and other flying insects on contact.

An Organic Insecticide That’s Safe Around Children and Pets

Insecticides may be used in many places our children play or come in contact with:  in schools, at playgrounds and outdoor play areas, in gardens, inside our homes, and more.

Children learn by touching, tasting, and exploring their surroundings.  Keeping toxic chemicals out of their environment is crucial for healthy development and for nurturing their growing systems.

I can’t wait to also try EcoSMART’s line of safe plant and garden insect killers on our organic garden this summer!

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