If you happened to miss our previous post regarding the dangers of toxic fire retardant chemicals to our babies and children, and where these chemicals are hiding, please read that first.  It is quite eye-opening to say the least!

Unfortunately, it is impossible to rid ourselves completely from toxic flame retardants.   They hide everywhere from wood panelings to computers, light switches and smoke detectors, carpets, sofas and the list continues.

Even though some of the two most toxic fire retardants are no longer produced  here, they are still found in our homes, and their harmful gases will be around for many years to come.

As you know these flame retardants outgas over time and can accumulate in dust, so cleaning often is crucial, especially if you have a little one crawling around and putting their hands and everything else into their mouths.

There are other things you can do to reduce your family’s exposure to toxic fire retardants, and we have laid them out for you below.

Reduce Exposure to Toxic Fire Retardants

As we shared earlier in Part 1, pregnant women and young children are most at risk of the dangers of fire retardant chemicals.  Here are some great tips in reducing that exposure:

  • Choose Fire Retardant Free Cotton PJ’s and Swaddling blankets instead of Synthetic Fleece.
  • Wash your and your kids hands frequently – especially before a meal.  High levels of toxic fire retardants settles in house hold dust. So especially young children are more at risks, because they touch everything and then put their hand in their mouths frequently.
  • Make sure you research/call manufacturers and find out if they use toxic fire retardants (or safe alternatives) before you buy new baby products, upholstered furniture and electronics.
  • Clean up and Vacuum often and use a HEPA filter to remove dust that can contain fire retardants
  • Inspect foam items  (sofas, kids seats, car seats etc.). Replace anything with a ripped cover or foam that is misshapen and breaking down.
  • Choose Wooden or Tile floors over carpet, they’re easier to clean and dust.
  • Buy Electronics from companies who do not use PBDEs like Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Phillips, Sony and others. Before you make a purchase ALWAYS ask!
  • (I am impressed with Apple’s new green notebook, visit Apple for more info)
  • Eat less animal products, PBDE has been found in fish, meat and milk products.
  • All products recommended on SAFbaby.com are always FIRE RETARDANT FREE, so look through our product review category to find fire retardant free baby/children’s products and sign up with our newsletter for more to come!

Take Action

Laws need to change, so the best way is to contact manufacturer and state representatives about your concerns.

Contact your representatives:

Contact your senators:

Companies who do not use toxic fire retardants:

SAFbaby will soon publish a list of companies who pledge they use NO fire retardants or safe alternative/non-toxic fire retardants.