Your child’s physical, emotional, mental health and well-being is the greatest ally they can carry with them throughout their lives. The state of their health will color and reflect itself in everything they experience, approach, attempt and create. Ultimately the state of their physical, emotional and mental levels of health will determine their total life experience, and degree of satisfaction, contentment, pleasure, pain, relationships and accomplishments.

What are the forces, factors and choices that will affect and influence your child’s health as they arrive into this world, completely trusting and depending on you, their parent, for their complete and total guardianship? Actively placing their lives in your hands as they move through childhood, through the delicate “life under construction” part of this lifetime’s journey.

Factors Influencing Your Child’s Health

We can place these forces and factors, the main influences that may affect each child’s health, into five categories:

  1. Constitutional nature and predisposition.
  2. In utero experience and birth.
  3. Food, diet and physical environment.
  4. Medical treatment, choices, consequences and effects.
  5. Family emotional life, relationships and dynamics.

Constitutional Nature and Predisposition

Homeopathic medicine has always offered a beautiful understanding of how our parents, grandparents and whole family tree create an “innate constitutional nature” that predisposes the child to automatically enter this world with a palate of predetermined physical, emotional and mental characteristics. This understanding of an inherited constitutional nature was understood way before the human genome and DNA began to be unraveled in the laboratory. But it goes one step further, looking at the energetic side of the impressions that go into creating each child’s individual “nature and constitution”.

Homeopathic medicine named these inherited influences “miasms” – the physical, emotional, mindful, energetic and etheric impressions that the family parents and forefathers have carried throughout their lives and are innately passed on to the child. Depending on which of the five primary “miasms” are dominant in the family history, the child is then shaped to have certain physical, emotional and mindful predispositions. If a child becomes stressed or pushed off balance by life’s challenges, or a combination of poor diet, environmental toxins or incorrect medical treatment, the child will then tend to display their symptoms in particular ways and areas of their body and mind.

Homeopathic “constitutional” remedies can be prescribed at any time in a child’s life to treat and support their underlying constitution, which will then make them stronger and much less susceptible to any negative external environmental factors.

In Utero Experience and Birth

Life experience begins in utero, where the baby is affected and shaped by the mother’s biochemical and emotional state during the nine months of pregnancy.  Every feeling and emotion experienced by the mother is translated immediately into her biochemical neurotransmitters, which are then instantaneously communicated and experienced by the baby. The baby is living and experiencing within the mother’s state of mind, being and biochemistry. The nutritional state of health and well-being of the mother will also determine the availability of raw materials – the building blocks from which the baby’s physical body, brain and immune system are being built from.

Folic acid deficiency leading to spina bifida is the most well documented vitamin deficiency consequence during pregnancy. However, folic acid is just 1 of the 60 nutrients considered to be essential by medical science. There are a total of 16 vitamins, 30 minerals, 3 essential fatty acids and 12 amino acids which are classified as “essential.” These are classified as “essential” as they are all required in the right amount on a daily basis to provide the building blocks that every baby requires for full and healthy development. Any imbalances or deficiencies may automatically be reflected in the child. The many benefits of DHA supplementation for supporting brain development during pregnancy are now being recognized; a 2004 study published in the Journal of Pediatrics concluding that mothers who supplemented with DHA during pregnancy and while they were nursing were able to increase their child’s IQ by up to 4 points. By simply supplementing and supplying the optimum amount of DHA, the baby’s brain was able to grow bigger and therefore increase their intelligence quota.

The impact of the birth experience has historically been underestimated by many until regression therapy or rebirthing became a specialty in the psychotherapy field. The influences that impact the birth can range from the state of consciousness of the mother, father, doctors or midwife, to the physical forces of anesthesia, forceps, vacuum deliveries and C-sections.

A newborn baby is in the most sensitive, delicate, vulnerable state that a human being can experience, transitioning from one world into another. What the mind doesn’t remember the body will, and in this way the child’s experience of birth can only be profound, important and impressed into the child’s subconscious memory.

Food, Diet and Nutritional Health

Following birth, your child requires only four things: water, food, security and love. Breastfeeding supplies all four simultaneously in the greatest display of nature’s wisdom and insight. The arrival of the teeth signals the baby’s digestive system is preparing itself for solid foods, and generally around 6-7 months is the appropriate time to start introducing food. Food choices and diet comprise a vast subject unto itself and within this article there is just enough room for the primary important principles. Clean food and clean water. Organic foods, non-GMO foods, no pesticides, no artificial colorings, artificial additives or artificial sweeteners. Whole foods, not processed to death, but still full of nutrients and without any chemical additives.

Introducing foods through an understanding of the foods that suit your child’s blood type will automatically give your child a head start by providing foods that your child is able to digest, assimilate and absorb easily, effectively and beneficially. By following the foods that suit your child’s blood type you can also reduce the risk of creating food allergies, food sensitivities and placing unnecessary stress on your child’s digestive and immune system.

For example, at the age of three my elder sister with O blood type started having recurrent ear infections. In 1958 in New Zealand our local family MD, who had a lot of common sense, recommended replacing cow milk with goat milk in her diet. This my parents did and she never had another ear infection in her life. From the blood type perspective, goat milk is the preferred form of milk for O blood types.

Medical Choices

Homeopathic medicine, osteopathy, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, antibiotics, antihistamines and vaccinations are some of the medical choices that all parents are faced with navigating. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This principle is also very true in the medical world where the use of antibiotics may help treat the immediate symptoms of an acute ear infection, sinusitis, or upper respiratory infection, but the end result of repeated antibiotic use may actually weaken your child’s overall immune system and end up making them more susceptible to repeated infections or other maladies.

So too with vaccinations where in the relatively short time of 50 years we have seen the average total number of vaccines that each child receives increase from 9 to 36. During this time we have seen a worldwide decrease in the number of acute childhood infectious diseases such as smallpox, measles, mumps and pertussis, but simultaneously we are now seeing worldwide epidemics in the number of children suffering from more chronic conditions such as allergies, eczema, asthma, ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders and autism. In a 2007 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association titled “The Increase of Childhood Chronic Conditions in the United States”, we now see that fifty years ago one in every 50 children in America suffered from some type of chronic medical condition that required ongoing treatment and medication. Now that number is one in every five. One in every five children in America now suffers from some type of chronic medical condition that requires ongoing treatment and medication. Have vaccinations created immunity to a few select childhood illnesses in today’s children while compromising their overall immune vitality and making them more susceptible to these more chronic medical conditions?

Natural Medicine, Healthy Foods, Nutritional Supplements, Clean Environment

Natural medicine, which includes homeopathy, naturopathy and osteopathy, offers 200 years of time tested, effective medical systems for treating children of all ages.

In addition to choosing healthy medical care, continue to support and nourish your child with a clean organic diet along with the key nutritional supplements such as: MultiVitamin/Mineral, Cod Liver Oil, Probiotics and Vitamin C. Then, by keeping your home environment clean and clear of any potentially toxic substances, you can complete the recipe for a vital healthy childhood and automatically allow your child to develop a strong immune system which will be capable of protecting their body and mind for a lifetime.

About Safe Baby Healthy Child Health Expert: Dr. Murray Clarke, D.Hom., L.Ac.

Dr. Murray Clarke Safe Baby Healthy Child Health Expert

Dr. Murray Clarke is a doctor of naturopathic medicine with licenses and doctorates in homeopathic medicine and Chinese medicine (including acupuncture and herbology) and is a leading homeopathic physician for children in the Los Angeles area.

He is also the founder of ChildLife® Essentials, the first complete line of nutritional supplements exclusively for children ages newborn through teen, and author of Natural Baby-Healthy Child: Alternative Health Care Solutions from Pre-conception Through Childhood.

Natural Baby-Healthy Child utilizes diet, environmental detoxification, nutritional supplementation and holistic modalities including homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture to help parents–from pre-conception to pregnancy, to the baby’s first year through childhood–make the right health decisions for themselves and their child, naturally. Natural Baby–Healthy Child is an essential medical road map that will help keep children firmly on the path to robust, long-term good health and the realization of the full potential of body, mind and soul.