By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

Most parents are making the switch from questionably safe plastics made with BPA to ones that are BPA-free. Really, it seems to be the craze, but not without reason. BPA is a hormone disrupting chemical, it acts like estrogen in the body and is toxic at even low doses. A very sensitive time to be exposed to this toxic chemical is during pregnancy and very early in life.

So, if you are looking for the safest alternative in a plastic baby bottle, we think we have found it. All thinkbaby™ products are free of bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, phthalates, lead, melamine, nitrosamines and toxic chemicals.

thinkbaby™ has a product line of polypropylene and PES baby bottles, a sippy cup and a wonderful “conversion kit” product that allows parents to easily transform their thinkbaby bottles into trainer cups to continue to the next stage of feeding. Furthermore, their nipples are made of a high grade silicone and have been specially designed to reduce colic, reduce the risk of mid-ear infections and prevents leaking! So, let us tell you what the moms and babies who tested these bottles thought.

We had 3 moms test these bottles that stated they would continue using them all the way through to the final stage (the sippy cup stage)!  The way that thinkbaby™ has built this system of bottles that actually transform into a sippy cup as the baby grows is ingenious! We love that idea! What a perfect way to reduce, reuse and recycle too!

BPA-Free Baby Bottle With Positive Reviews

bpa-free-think-babySome of the feedback that mothers gave us that will be helpful for others in deciding on safe baby bottles follows:

“The nipple shape on the think bottles were much more similar to the natural nipple which I actually would use those bottles for baby number two, if I do have trouble nursing again.  It may be easier to go back and forth between bottle and breast.  I liked the shape of the bottles much better than the ones that I am using now.”

“I really like that the bottles and nipples follow such strict standards in regards to the chemicals. That is something that I really do like to know. The price of the bottles are reasonable and slightly cheaper than the bottles that I use now.”

“Yes, we tried the bottle and very much like them. They do not leak at all, either the regular nipple or the cross cut ones, which that itself is a great improvement over my current bottles which leak all the time and drive me crazy! I also really like the bottle shape as it makes it really easy for my baby’s hands to hold it. In general, it’s been great using this brand, the BPA-free plastic gives me peace of mind and the functional non-leak aspect gives me one less thing to worry about.  I would definitely stay with this brand.”

Anti-Colic and No Spill Nipples

think baby bottle bpa freethinkbaby™ bottles have three stages of nipples (slow, medium and fast), and again they are all made of high grade silicone. From our testing, we have found that these nipples are AGE SPECIFIC and a parent should follow these GUIDELINES  to choose a nipple that will work PERFECTLY for your baby:

Slow Flow 0 months to 3 months
Medium Flow 3 months to 6 months
Fast Flow 6 months to one year

Once you choose your flow rate, refine your specific needs with an additional choice of 2 different types of nipple choices (single hole or cross cut).

Single hole: The single hole flow allows for a continuous flow of liquid.

Cross Cut: Makes the bottle NO SPILL!


“Mom Approved – Child Tested” Excellence Award Winner

We are impressed with the stringent research and detail that has gone into the design of these bottles and sippy cups.  Also, thinkbaby’s conversion kit has won our hearts! Instead of having to toss out 8 to 16 baby bottles after year one, simply transform the bottle into a BPA-free sippy cup and extend the life of your baby bottles.  What a genius way to save money and eliminate excess environmental waste.

Check the CONVERSION KIT out here.

Additionally, we have even MORE “Likes” from our testing moms.  Here are their comments:

  • The shape of the bottles. The hour glass figure made it really easy for my 6 month old baby to hold the bottle by himself (which he has never done before).
  • The cross cut nipple. The nipple was very soft, he took to it easily. Normally if I try to give him the bottle he fights it. When using the bottle he drank it as if he were suckling from my breast.
  • It took the same amount of time to drink 6oz from the bottle as it does my breasts. Normally, when he drinks from the bottle he drinks it so fast it leaves him wanting more. So I give him more and he ends up spitting up the excess milk out.
  • The anti colic design: After using the bottle he did not seem to have any gas. Normally he needs to be burped right away.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize. (The nipple was easy to pull out.)

“I would definitely recommend this bottle to other parents. And I am going to continue using
the Think Baby bottle for my current child and future children.”

Baby Bottles and Conversion Kits can be purchased online at

5 oz bottle twin pack is $15.99 (includes Stage I anti-colic slow flow nipple for 0 to 3 months)
9 oz bottle twin pack is $16.99 (includes Stage I anti-colic slow flow nipple for 0 to 3 months)
The Conversion Kit is $6.99 (includes two spouts and one trainer cup handle)