#PhoneGate: Mobile phones are being RECALLED due to newly released data showing that people are being exposed to much higher levels of radiation when a cell phone is in direct contact with the body.

Being dubbed “PhoneGate” due to parallels to “Diesel Gate” where Volkswagen cars passed emissions tests under lab conditions but far exceeded limits when driven on real roads, this is a breaking story with worldwide implications.

According to Dr. Marc Arazi, a French doctor who brought legal action against French governmental agencies to release this data, “This concerns millions of mobile phones in France, tens of millions in Europe, hundreds of millions at the international level.”

90,000 mobile phones are being recalled in France by the French Telecom company, Orange.

All cell phones have been passing safety tests because outdated regulations do not require testing with any BODY CONTACT. Phones are tested at a distance of 15mm to 25mm (about 5/8” – 1”) from the body. 

But testing results from cell phones placed directly against the body (which is how people actually use and carry mobile phones) showed almost all tested phones exceeded European limits by up to three times over safety thresholds.

Dr. Arazi discovered the incredible difference in results two years ago in the 2016 Government of France national health agency (ANSES) report on “Radiofrequency Exposure and the Health of Children.”

When he requested the actual testing data, the government agency ANFR refused to release it. It was only through legal action that Dr. Arazi was successful in obtaining the report.

Further, the French data is corroborated in an independently-commissioned investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Their investigation in 2017 also found that “when phones are tested directly against the body, the radiation is multiplied by three to four times and exceeds government limits.”


#PhoneGate Scandal

According to Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, president of the Environmental Health Trust,

This is an enormous international scandal. This is not only about France and Europe, as this applies to all persons who use cell phones in every country. If phones were tested in the ways we use them, they would be illegal. … Remember these outdated guidelines were set for a large male adult and do not take into account the millions of children regularly keeping such devices on their bodies for hours at a time.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Arazi talks with Nick Pineault about these unprecedented findings.

Some highlights from the interview:

  • 9 out of 10 phones tested in 2015 by ANFR exceeded the regulatory limits for radiation thresholds.
  • Every user of a mobile phone since they have been introduced has been overexposed to radiation.
  • The information is credible, verified and transparent. See ANFR (National Frequency Agency), ANSES and NTP.
  • This is a total failure of the regulatory system that has jeopardized people’s health worldwide.

Mobile Phones and Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics has repeatedly called on the US Government to update cell phone testing to reflect current use patterns. Theodora Scarato, Program Director at Environmental Health Trust, noted:

I see children cradling cell phones in their laps as their mothers do grocery shopping. Teenagers are sleeping with cell phones placed on their chest or directly beside their heads all night long. Pregnant women put cell phones and wireless devices on their abdomen. Parents have a right to know that when children use cell phones in these ways, their bodies are absorbing wireless radiation at levels that exceed limits set for adults 20 years ago.

Dr. Arazi concurs:

Tests must include children with consideration for their unique vulnerabilities. Not only are children smaller and thus will have proportionately higher exposures to cell phone radiation than adults but also remember that children’s brains are rapidly developing. Regulations must assure children are protected.


The French ANSES report also concluded that children are more vulnerable to radio frequency wireless exposures and recommended children’s exposures to wireless radiation be immediately reduced.

Change Your Habits Now

“Distance with your cell phone is your best friend.” – Dr. Arazi

  1. Put your phone on AIRPLANE MODE or TURN IT OFF.
  2. Use the speakerphone for calls.
  3. Keep your phone out of bedrooms so sleep is not disturbed. This is the time your body rejuvenates.

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