Every child is going to take a tumble now and then. Having remedies on hand will help your child recover from the injury and trauma faster and more completely.

Dr. Kathi Fry, Medical Doctor and Master Homeopath, shares powerful healing experiences from her clinical practice including how using a homeopathic remedy to treat a broken bone resulted in significantly rapid healing as shown by X-rays.

Learn about the most important remedies to have on hand to treat various accidents such as falls that may result in bruising, bleeding, broken bones and head trauma.

Dr. Fry’s Accident Video will help you:

  • Learn which symptoms determine the remedy that will restore well being
  • Learn the proper dose and frequency for administering a remedy
  • Avoid the anxiety of not knowing what to do when symptoms begin
  • Avoid unnecessary doctor and urgent care visits
  • Avoid the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Promote the ability to self-heal by strengthening the Vital Force
Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

In this Accident Video, Dr. Fry covers the following remedies:

Arnica montana
Calendula officinalis
Hamamellis virginiana
Natrum sulphuricum
Ruta graveolens
Symphytum officinale

This video is also part of Dr. Fry’s How To Take Homeopathic Remedies complete homeopathy package.