By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

The Kidaroo Crew has taken the art of labeling sippy cups and water bottles to the next level!

Kidaroo Crew provides parents with a safer and smarter approach to labeling their children’s sippy cups and bottles. Most labels peel, fade, wash away, and leave unsightly “sticky residue” on our children’s sippy cups and bottles. Kidaroo Crew’s labels completely eliminate these common problems that parents and caregivers face each day at daycare, preschool, nursery, etc.

We love that there is now an alternative to the toxic PVC/vinyl sticker labels!

Why Kidaroo Crew Wins MACT Excellence Award

We are awarding both Kidaroo Crew products with our prestigious Excellence Award:

Snugaroo: personalized with your child’s name engraved into the silicone band.

Sippy Grab: using a sharpie you can write your child’s name on the silicone band.

Both bands are made of the same materials and are both packaged with the same environmentally conscious materials. Their cardboard packaging: contains no plastics and is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

We love that these bands provide parents and caregivers a creative approach to labeling containers for long lasting use. We greatly appreciate that there is an alternative to vinyl labels too! There are plenty more reasons why Kidaroo Crew wins our Excellence Award. Please keep reading to see what our testing mama’s appreciate and love too….

Product Reviews For Kidaroos Crew Silicone Band Labels

Mama Tester #1

I run an at home daycare I always find the kids drinking from each others cups! I know it can be easily mistaken due to their young age, sometimes I to will get confused whose cup is whose by lunch time.

When I was asked to test out Snugaroos Custom Designer Cups & Bottle Labels I was more than thrilled. My first thought was ‘Could this end the cup confusion for myself and be a fun way for kids to identify their own cup?’ Well I can surely say that it has helped me out a ton when gathering cups to fill, wash, hand out etc. I no longer have to second guess and am not grabbing for another clean one just to make sure were not swapping numerous germs back and forth.

Both the Snugaroos and SippyGrab labels state the following on each package:

  • FDA Compliant Non-Toxic Material
  • Phthalate, Lead, & BPA Free
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

To be able to have these noted when your are purchasing an item is huge! No need to second guess yourself about what material is in a product like this one. Phthalates are highly toxic chemicals that could have a cancer exposure, and BPA is a hormone disruptor, ICK! I for one don’t want any of these around my toddler so its great to know this product opts away from them.

Another good thing to know about the company is that the product is designed and developed in the US but manufactured oversees in China. But don’t turn your head just yet, this company has made sure to have a US based firm oversees the manufacturing of these wonderful labels. This ensures fair labor, and proper designing is being complete on each and every item that ships out to the US.

For a 3 year old to come home from school and want the cup with the “Princess” writing and her name is a big deal in this house! She is learning her name and having it written on something she sees constantly is a great tool that a parent wouldn’t even think of. It is also good for color recognition for those children learning colors. Example you could say “Jacob, please grab your cup with the orange bat and ball”, not only will this help them learn directions but colors too.

Overall the Kidaroo Designer Cup & Bottle Labels are a great thing to have apart of your daily routine with your kids. Great for ones who already know their name too. Each package comes with 3 labels so you totally get your moneys worth here. The Snugaroo line offers to have the child’s name directly engraved right on the label which is super cool! No needing to write it on daily. The writing can be washed off or sealed on when boiling, another great perk. Of course these are dishwasher safe, so go ahead and leave them on the cups and wash away!

Mama Tester #2

My 6 year old daughter loves personalized things. I have noticed when I give her the option of which water bottle she wants to take to school, she goes for the one I have the Snugaroo Sippy Grab™ on.

Her’s is pink and she does love pink! She loves writing her name on hers herself and I appreciate having the peace of mind that her water bottle is hers and hers alone at school. Absolutely no confusion.

I think that this product is genius, especially for the flu season. I also very much appreciate that it fits on every brand of water bottle we own! How cool is that?

Our Q&A With Kidaroo Crew

What type of silicone are your product made from?

Sippy Grab™ and Snugaroos™ Labels are made of FDA compliant non-toxic (Phthalate, Lead, and BPA FREE), 100% silicone material.

What is the difference between food grade and medical grade silicone?

Our research revealed that most pacifiers and bottle nipples are made of medical grade silicone. Food grade silicone is primarily used to produce cookware and food containers.

Silicone is hypoallergenic and does not support microbiological growth. The textures of food grade silicone and medical grade silicone can vary. This variation enables medical grade silicone to retain written text with superior results compared to food grade silicone. Medical grade silicone ensures parents that the silicone was made with the highest standards.

Parents can choose to label their children’s sippy cups and bottles with labels that have chemical adhesives to make the label stick. This option is only temporary, as traditional adhesive labels will fade, peel, and wash away. The adhesive residue left from the label allows bacteria to adhere to it easily. Many parents do not label their children’s drinking containers because of these negative characteristics adhesive labels possess.

This can cause mix ups of sippy cups and bottles, thus spreading germs and causing an increase in disease. The safe and preventive alternative is to label sippy cups and bottles with a label that is chemical free, bacteria resistant, hypoallergenic, and durable. Sippy Grab™ and Snugaroos™ Designer Sippy and Bottle Labels meet this need for parents and caretakers.

Why has it been tested for BPA and phthalate if its silicone, not plastic or vinyl?

We chose to conduct every test that was offered by Intertek to ensure product safety. By conducting thorough tests, we can confidently and honestly provide this information to parents. We chose medical grade silicone prior to production knowing the material is BPA and Phthalate free. Additional testing is confirmation that our products meet safety requirements and meet my requirements as a mom!

Does your company have any concerns of a choking hazard in children under 3 since it is marketed for all ages?

Sippy Grab and Snugaroos Labels contain no small pieces or parts, and are not intended to be used as toys. Adult supervision is always recommended during use.

Kidaroo Crew’s product packaging clearly states, “This product is not a toy. Adult supervision recommended.”

Sippy Grab and Snugaroos Labels should always be properly applied to drinking containers by a responsible adult prior to their use. If properly applied, Sippy Grab and Snugaroos labels fit very snug around containers making them extremely difficult for small children (under the age of 3) to remove.

When compared to small traditional adhesive “sticky” labels normally used for daycare, pre-school, nursery, etc., Sippy Grab and Snugaroos durable silicone labels are the safe and smart alternative to labeling children’s drinking containers.

Purchasing Kidaroo Crew Silicone Labels

There are 2 products to choose from that have been awarded the prestigious MACT EXCELLENCE AWARD:

  1. Snugaroo: personalized with your child’s name engraved into the silicone band.
  2. Sippy Grab: using a sharpie you can write your child’s name on the silicone band.

The Kidaroo Crew Bands are for all ages and they retail at $6.95.

They have seen 6 of the original 10 (Copyright art) designed labels. They include:

  • Princess,
  • Shop,
  • Dance,
  • All Sport,
  • Baseball, and
  • Football

However, we hear there are 4 more designs ready to go:

  • Cheer,
  • Soccer,
  • Basketball, and a
  • 3D Koala Label.