Safe Baby Healthy Child, the fast-growing Children’s Health & Wellness website in the U.S. announces the launch of its sister site across the Pacific: Safe Baby Healthy Child Japan.

Under the direction of Dr. Murray Clarke, author of “Natural Baby-Healthy Child”, Safe Baby Healthy Child Japan will provide parents with 24/7 access to the latest research and developments from health experts in the fields of holistic pediatric medicine, environmental health, diet, nutritional supplementation and biological dentistry as well as alternative healing from recognized Japanese practitioners.

And with Japan experiencing a dramatic increase in children’s chronic health conditions, including Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asthma and Autoimmune disorders, it couldn’t come at a better time:

 “This generation of children has been exposed to more man-made environmental, dietary and pharmaceutical stressors than any since the beginning of human life.”      – Dr. Murray Clarke

Now, Japanese parents and parents-to-be will have a vital resource at their fingertips to help them create robust good health and the realization of their child’s full potential of body, mind and soul.

There are solutions that all parents can apply to correct, enhance and protect their child’s health, starting with pre-conception preparation and throughout childhood.  The stunning increase in primary childhood disorders during recent years must galvanize all parents into action.”     – Dr. Murray Clarke

Safe Baby Healthy Child’s mission is to empower parents and parents-to-be to create a safe, non-toxic environment, provide optimum nourishment and utilize the most beneficial healthcare solutions at the most critical time of their child’s life … from pre-conception through childhood.

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Dr. Murray Clarke, ND., D.Hom., L.Ac. is a pioneer in holistic pediatrics and founder of ChildLife Essentials® the first complete line of nutritional supplements for infants and children.