Angel Baby Kit

Our next giveaway on August 15 is from a company we love very much, Earth Mama Angel Baby! Their skin care line for babies and moms is amazing, totally natural and free of all the nasty chemicals most other companies are using.

This fabulous gift kit is valued at $39.95 and is full of organic goodness for baby’s skin plus a CD that will help your little one doze off peacefully.  The kit comes in an adorable gift box – a gift straight from Heaven!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby is giving away one amazing Angel Baby Kit!

Angel Baby Kit

The Angel Baby Kit includes:

  • Angel Baby Bath Blossoms
    42 g.(1.5 oz.)
  • Angel Baby Lotion
    60 ml.(2 oz.)
  • Angel Baby Oil,
    30 ml.(1 oz.)
  • Angel Baby Sleep CD

Good luck, and thanks a million for being a loyal reader.  We are honored to help your family find safer alternatives, because “there is always a safer alternative!”

Environmental Working Group’s Rating For Earth Mama Angel Baby

Environmental Working Group’s database for skin care products (Skin Deep) is highly reputable and extensive.

We are so pleased to announce that Earth Mama Angel Baby has received an overall rating of a ZERO from them!  Meaning, they are given the best rating when it comes to being non-toxic and chemical free!  Go Earth Mamas, very impressive.