With the increase in Pertussis happening, we thought we would go to one of our experts for his point of view on this topic…..

Once again whooping cough (or pertussis) is in the news. Dire warnings alert parents about epidemics and the dangers of whooping cough for small children. These reports are intended to provoke anxiety in parents who naturally want to protect their children from danger. If whooping cough is running rampant, then these cries of alarm will rouse the drowsy populace to take heed. That is the strategy of the pharmaceutical industry, which has an ever increasing need to sell their product by vaccinating the population.

The most recent ingenious strategy of vaccine manufacturers is to alarm new parents encouraging them to personally screen all contacts of their babies for whooping cough. Before an adult can come in contact with a baby they must prove their “immunity” to whooping cough by certifying that they have received the pertussis vaccine.  This is supposedly due to the whooping cough epidemic that has invaded your community. The truth is a different story.

The Truth About Pertussis

Everyone used to get whooping cough. It was a normal childhood disease prior to the advent of the whooping cough vaccine. It is caused by specific bacteria that causes symptoms of a cold that then develop into coughing episodes. The bacteria are eliminated from the body, but the irritation that they cause in the airway results in persistent and extended bouts of coughing.

Homeopaths have successfully treated whooping cough for hundreds of years, and they developed a homeopathic preventive (Pertussinum) that has proven effective in lessening the spread and severity of the illness long before the era of pertussis vaccination. Chinese herbal medicine has also treated pertussis successfully for thousands of years. Therefore, the level of confidence among holistic pediatric practitioners in managing whooping cough is much higher than among pediatricians.

Conventional medicine, by contrast, has never had an effective treatment for whooping cough. Today antibiotics still have little effect on the course of the illness. For that reason conventional medicine has sought to prevent pertussis with a vaccine. The pharmaceutical industry has been happy to participate in this alliance. Any vaccine required for an entire population translates as big profits for drug companies.

When the vaccine was first introduced it was questionably effective and the original version of the vaccine caused severe nervous system reactions and even deaths in children. This prompted many countries to abandon use of the vaccine. Manufacturers worked to make a safer vaccine. The newer acellular vaccine appears to cause less immediate reactions, but causes the same long term neurological adverse effects as the earlier vaccine.


Whooping cough is always around. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that only ten percent of whooping cough cases are ever diagnosed. That is because the disease in adults and older children is usually mild and consists of a dry, persistent cough without other signs of illness. Often people with these symptoms will not go to their doctor and, even if they do, doctors will not usually test these patients for whooping cough. Reported epidemics are usually a result of heightened awareness among doctors who are more sensitive to considering the diagnosis of whooping cough if they receive public health notices or if whooping cough is in the news.

Where do these news reports originate? In the marketing departments of vaccine manufacturers. Drug company marketing budgets include the expense of lobbying to mandate vaccines in every state legislature and placement of vaccine related stories through press releases to major news agencies throughout the country. Health editors pick up these stories for the benefit of their advertisers, the drug companies.

Why is whooping cough still around? Two reasons. The vaccine is questionably effective. Studies show only a 60-80 percent effectiveness of the pertussis vaccine in producing persistent antibodies. And the effect of the vaccine wears off over time making older children and adults susceptible to the disease. For these two reasons, most cases of whooping cough occur in people who have been previously vaccinated.

Dangers of Whooping Cough

In babies under 12 months of age, whooping cough can be a difficult illness accompanied by complications, particularly pneumonia. Infants have an immature immune system, which may make it harder for them to fight off the illness. And infants also have a harder time expelling the mucus that may accumulate in their airways during the illness. Older children often have prolonged episodes of coughing that keep parents up at night, but they seldom develop complications.

Even if the vaccine is effective, it takes several doses to stimulate antibody production, and usually by that time children are already getting out of the danger zone for complications of the disease.

Effective Holistic Treatment For Whooping Cough/Pertussis

Whooping cough is easy to treat. It is not much fun in children because the coughing episodes can be severe, especially at night, and the cough tends to persist for two to three months in one form or another. Both homeopathy and Chinese medicine have excellent track records for treating pertussis. Both of these medical systems have protocols for treating the disease in its various stages. Parents can rest assured that a holistic pediatric practitioner can manage whooping cough, and children will seldom develop the rare complications of the disease.

Here are some links to specific treatment of whooping cough with these two medical systems:

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SAFbaby Expert Health Advisor, Dr. Randall Neustaedter, OMD

Dr. Randall Neustaedter, OMD, has practiced and taught holistic medicine for more than thirty years in the San Francisco Bay area, specializing in child health care. He is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine, author of The Holistic Baby Guide, Child Health Guide, and The Vaccine Guide.

Visit his website, www.cure-guide.com, to register for a free newsletter with pediatric specialty articles. Office visits and Skype consultations are available by appointment.