Molly’s Suds Green Laundry Products was launched 4 years ago and her story is a true inspiration to others!

After dealing with great loss, Founder Monica Leonard decided to launch a line of safe alternative products, free of harsh chemicals like SLS/SLES, phosphates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, parabens, 1,4 dioxane and many others.

Laundry detergent and other cleaning products, unlike the cosmetic industry,  don’t have to disclose the ingredients in its products, so it’s really hard to find a TRULY eco-friendly and green laundry detergent.


That’s why we are very excited today to announce our newest Post Sponsor: Molly’s Suds

About Molly’s Suds

Molly’s Suds, LLC was started in 2008, two years after the stillbirth of our beautiful daughter, Molly. As a pediatric nurse and mother to three other healthy children I was frustrated in addition to the feelings of anger and devastation over our great loss. I started searching the Internet for reasons why stillbirths are on the rise and infertility is not only a problem of the female, but in males as well. As I dug and uncovered information on the chemicals in our immediate environment, it forever changed how I would raise my children and feed my family. There was the profound statistic that of the 80,000 chemicals approved for use in the United States only 200 have been tested for human safety. The testing done was not on women or children, only with adult males. Female bodies are hormonally and structurally different. Infants and children due to body mass incomparable to adults when it comes to exposure of any medication, chemical or toxin. I had to make a difference, to educate the public, to help even one family make a change.

Molly’s Suds Ingredients

Our products were formulated in two different organic laboratories using a careful compilation of ingredients that would be safe to humans, pets and our planet. We were sure to not include ingredients that would create any toxic byproduct such as 1,4 Dioxane. Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder does not have any fillers and is fragrance and dye free. 4 of our 5 ingredients are food grade and our sodium carbonate comes directly from the Green River Basin in Wyoming. It is gentle yet powerful and cleans and brightens laundry amazingly. In addition it is safe for Cloth Diapers as we have many fans that use Molly’s Suds because it can be used for the whole family. We are a full disclosure company and list our ingredients on each of our products. Our company is Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny and our products are biodegradable and Vegan.

Our goal is to provide products to parents and families that are safe. Too may products make claims and it’s frustrating trying to read between the lines and know what is really natural and saffe on the market. Customer service is our priority and we happily answer customers emails and have started a blog about Baby Steps to Natural Living. Visit our page for more information about all of our products and enjoy our flat rate shipping on any sized order. We hope you can learn even one tip that will inspire you to make a change and reduce the chemicals your family is exposed to!

To purchase online, please visit

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder  Bag weights 4.4 lb and costs $21 for 128 loads!

FAQ with Molly’s Suds Founder Monica Leonard

Unlike the cosmetic industry, the cleaning product industry doesn’t have to disclose the ingredients in its products, so ECO-FRIENDLY LAUNDRY DETERGENT doesn’t really mean they’re really GREEN or a 100% non-toxic. What products do other ‘Eco-Friendly’ laundry detergent contain yours doesn’t?

It’s an unfortunate truth that the governing agencies that are in place to protect consumers do not require companies to disclose all ingredients. This allows for fillers, preservatives, toxins and the like to persist in a product without the consumer knowing. It is very difficult to find out what the ingredients are in other “natural” products but we’ve done some investigation and found some very common but not very safe ingredients used are often coded by the term “coconut based”.

If you see coconut based or vegetable based surfactant, don’t assume it’s natural. There’s toxic processing that is done to take what once was a coconut and turn it into a chemical. Here are some ingredients that are synthetic and toxic oleochemicals and petrochemical compounds created from an innocent coconut:

  • Cocamine
  • Cocoamphoglycinate
  • Cococarboxamid MEA-4-carboxylate
  • Coconut and corn oil “soap”
  • Coconut surfactants–(ammonium lauryl or laureth sulfate)
  • Cocamide DEA or MEA
  • Coconut betaine ( Cocamidopropyl Betaine)
  • Sodium Coco Sulfate (coconut-based cleanser),
  • Cocamidopropylamine Oxide (coconut-based cleanser)

Preservatives that are considered safe, but are synthetic and are commonly used in many natural products.
The most common are:

  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Parabens
  • Methylisothiazolinone

What is your answer to this: “I want some fragrance/perfume in my laundry detergent, so the laundry smells fresh and clean. I don’t think a perfume free laundry detergent makes my laundry smell clean.”

The next biggest offender is fragrance. Molly’s Suds uses only essential oils of sweet orange and lavender and organic essential oil of peppermint ( food grade).  Manufacturers are free to identify synthetic fragrance as an essential oil or natural fragrance, even “pure.” It is not a regulated phrase. The FDA does not require companies to list synthetic fragrance chemicals on their labels or to disclose them when you ask. The “fragrance” that is listed on the label is actually a “soup” of many different aroma chemicals blended together to make that product’s signature scent. I know some very popular “natural” companies from cloth diaper detergent to hand soap that use fragrance oils, call it natural, and consumers buy it hook, line and sinker. There’s no essential oil of watermelon so if it smells like a watermelon, coconut or fresh rain or strawberry-kiwi, its synthetic, a phthalate!
With Molly’s Suds products your clothes will smell like pure freshness should, clean and crisp. It will make you want to bury your face in your laundry!

The bottom line is that these large scale companies look at profit as the most important thing. The use of synthetic ingredients, thickeners, preservatives, foamers and fragrance is cheap and yields in greater profit. Synthetic ingredients are the causative factor in skin irritations and dermatitis. They pollute our waterways and drinking supply and are toxic to all living cells.

When parents see non-toxic there may be confusion that it would be safe to actually (accidentally of course) ingest the product.
Can you please comment.

On Molly’s Suds All Sport and our fabulous Dog Wash you will see non-toxic on the label and you will not see any caution label. It is non-toxic even if accidentally ingested. Again, we do not want to mislead or greenwash our customers so only honest labeling is used. Our Laundry Powder cannot be marked as non-toxic because of the sodium carbonate and even the epsom and sea salts can be toxic to a small child if too much is ingested. While it’s a naturally derived powder from earthen minerals, it is not safe for ingestion.

How are conventional laundry detergents harmful, if at all, to our environment? How about yours?

Conventional and even some “green” detergents are harmful to the environment due to the ingredients included. For example, many of the conventional detergents on the market (even the free and clear types) include ingredients that are toxic to the marine plants, fish and waterways. Our drinking water may be “cleaned”, but google your local water report and you will see the level of harmful chemicals in it’s final composition that your family is still ingesting. The marine life is also drastically effected by water runoff, sewer drainage and the like. Detergents contain ingredients and byproducts that can alter the sex of the fish. 1,4 Dioxane is one such byproduct of detergent ingredients. It’s currently the EPA’s #1 pollutant of our waterways. Not an ingredient, but the chemical reaction of certain ingredients in a formula.

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder is a safe combination for the earth. It’s minerals from the earth returned to the earth. If you are using your laundry water run off as gray water for gardening, we recommend you have the sodium level of the soil tested as our ingredients are almost entirely sodium based.

Where are your products made?

Our products are packaged and our Laundry Powder is made in our shop in St. Petersburg, FL. We do have an organic manufacturer that we have contracted out our All Sport and Dog Wash to make and it ships to the shop for packaging.

Can you briefly comment on possible chemical or harmful residues from conventional detergents that can remain in our children’s clothing after washing. Are there any studies that suggest this to be harmful for delicate skin? Has yours been tested to show if residues remain in clothing?

There are so many toxic and synthetic chemicals used in the formulation of conventional Laundry Detergents and the general public does not realize how harmful (yet legal) they are. How do I begin to answer this question…

I have learned from a science based source that “Researchers found that all top-selling laundry products and air fresheners tested gave off at least one chemical regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal laws, but none of those chemicals was listed on the product labels.”

There were over 100 volitile compounds found in just 6 of the “most popular” laundry brands including dryer sheets. It’s imperative that people switch to natural products as a whole, including Laundry Products! The chemcials found left on the clothing include: optical brighteners ( they make clothing appear brighter and whiter when in fact they are coated in a chemical that reflects light and causes skin irritation and is toxic), EDTA, Fragrance Oil compounds (like Butylphenyl methylpropional) to smell like rain, flowers, etc. , Methylisothiazolinone, Benzalkonium Chloride, the commonly found Nonionic and Anionic Surfactants (responsible for water pollution, hormone disruption and skin reactions), and the list goes on.

Molly’s Suds does not have these ingredients in the formulation and our product is clean rinsing as proven in laboratory testing by our formulary. This is another reason why our products are safe and IDEAL for sensitive skin, babies and children, and those with sensitivities to chemicals or lowered immune system.

I use PVC-free plastic dryer balls, why should I use your wool dryer balls instead?

PVC free dryer balls are relatively safe as they are made from TPE or thermal plastic rubber. TPE does not leech toxins when heated and it’s used in other products like drinking straws, electronics, medical catheters and many other items. The only downside (besides their banging around in the dryer noise) is that it does soften with prolonged exposure to heat and it is a common complaint that the PVC free dryer balls do not last long. They are a safe alternative though to fabric softener. Our Dryer Balls are from a farm in North Carolina using humane practices and hand shearing to make our 100% wool-to-the-core dryer balls. They are fabulous, quiet and they live for up to 3 years in your dryer! It’s a personal choice and both are great alternatives!

Do you have a “frequent buyer” program where people can purchase online in bulk for a discount/free shipping?

We sell in bulk our Dog Wash to Dog Groomers and veternarian clinics. Our Laundry Powder sells in bulk to B&B’s and Child Care facilities. We offer flat rate shipping of $5 to our USA customers and on our facebook page we do specials and coupon codes that can be used on our website!

Thank you Molly’s Suds  for sponsoring a post. We’re thrilled to share your all natural laundry products with our eco conscious audience!