By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

Making baby food for your baby is a wonderful gift.  For a baby to receive the nourishment of whole foods, cooked from your garden or local farmer’s market to the table is the best!

But sometimes it really is a little too time consuming to make each meal fresh.  Freezing your own cooked baby food is the next best thing to a freshly cooked home-cooked meal.

And since SAFbaby loves to stray from the norm of plastic everything, we were really excited to hear about these stainless steel ice cube trays from the Tickle Trunk!  Not only can you make ice cubes from plastic free trays, but what an invention for safely freezing your own homemade baby food and food purees!

Steps In Using Stainless Steel Tray For Frozen Baby Foods

I used an apple puree in the photos here.  I was really surprised how easy the pureed foods worked in these trays!  I simply filled them about 2/3 of the way full, placed the checkered center dividing piece inside and froze.


When I took the tray out the next day I placed the tray on my kitchen counter, waited 3 minutes, and lifted the center handle.  Voila!  Perfectly shaped, frozen baby food squares!  Single serving goodness, here we come!

BPA-Free and Safe Alternative to Plastic

Stainless steel is a safe alternative to plastics which typically contain hormone altering chemicals that leech from plastics, such as BPA or PVC.