This set of yoga inspirations for young children is adorable, inspirational, visually uplifting and cheerful.  Teresa Anne Power and Kathleen Rietz bring life to yoga for children 3-8 with their new book, coloring book and poster.  The ABCs of YOGA for KiDS will put a smile on your face and your child’s, and there is no yoga experience required.

I am a yoga instructor and love sharing this practice with my 3 year old.  However, I truly have never had so much fun “playing yoga” with her as I have allowing this book to lead our way.  I believe she feels the same.  We giggles, sing and move, and of course breathe, our way through the book.

My daughter practically skips across the floor singing “It’s yoga time, time to do our yoga!”   It takes us about 30 minutes just to flow our way from A-G.  There is definitely countless hours of fun to be had with this book.  Some of them are very simple, and a few of them (like flower pose) are challenging for a 3 year old, but I believe that even a child around 8 would have tons of fun joining in.  So, that’s just the book.  The coloring book and poster are enlightening  too!

The Benefits of Yoga For Children

Children today are faced with over stimulation as they strive to keep up with the demands of our fast-paced society. Practicing simple yoga postures is the ideal way for kids to naturally unwind and obtain physical activity at the same time. With The ABCs of Yoga for Kids , children can practice yoga, a non-competitive form of exercise, while learning the alphabet and reading lyrical explanations of the actual yoga poses. Yoga helps children become calmer and more self-aware. In addition, it develops their flexibility, coordination, focus and strength. The ABCs of Yoga for Kids uses the alphabet, rhyming vignettes, and colorful illustrations to introduce children to basic yoga postures in a kid-friendly way.

The Best Yoga Book For Kids

Don’t these illustrations make you wanna touch your toes?

We jumped like frogs, sat quietly and breathed through our noses, balanced on one foot and reached to the sky.  We made boats out of our bodies and sang songs to each other.  It was really fun to let the book give us a starting point, and creatively work our way into our own pose/expression from there.

I also love how the alphabet is interwoven into this set of yoga tools.  What a wonderful and fun way to learn!  What a brilliant way to bond with our children and play our way into learning and physical literacy!

With this book children can:

  • practice yoga, a non-competitive form or exercise
  • learn the alphabet
  • read lyrical explanations of the yoga poses
  • enjoy and emulate the fun illustrations
  • become calmer and more self-aware
  • develop flexibility, coordination, focus, and strength
  • incorporate healthy activity into their daily lives

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Book is available on for $13.57

A Yoga Inspired Coloring Book

What can we say, these illustrations are so sweet we could spend hours coloring them in!

Again, the play of bringing in the alphabet is just so wonderful.  This has been a very fun, colorful and creative way to get the alphabet playfully into practice.

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Book for Coloring is available on for $4.95

The Yoga Poster for Kids 3-8

Wow!  My daughter and I were so happy to see this poster go up on her bedroom wall.  It feels as though she has a friend ready to “play some yoga” with her at all times now.  Also, I can sneak in lots of opportunities to teach her her letters as we spontaneously break out into a yoga pose, reciting the letter of the posture we are doing.  “T” is for “ttttree pose.”

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Poster is available on for $14.95.

Teresa Anne Power and Kathleen Rietz

A yoga teacher for over seven years, Teresa Anne Power helps children unleash their imagination while doing yoga. The poses in her book, such as frog, swan and shark, are easy to learn and accessible to children ages 3-8. The ABCs of Yoga for Kids will delight and bring joy to the early yoga practitioner.

Teresa Anne Power has been practicing yoga for 25 years. Currently, she teaches yoga to preschoolers and kindergarteners at St. Matthew’s School in Pacific Palisades, California. Teresa is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and has published yoga articles in Yogi Times Magazine, The Palisadian Post, and Violet Magazine. She lives in Pacific Palisades, California with her husband and two teenage children.

Kathleen Rietz, illustrator of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids, has loved art from the time she was a little girl, and has painted and drawn her entire life. She now illustrates books for children. The ABCs of Yoga for Kids is her fourth illustrated children’s book. For more information, please visit Kathleen’s website at