You’ve probably heard about the latest headline news that a possible Measles outbreak could hit the US this year.

USA Today reported a few weeks ago that the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns folks that the Olympics, in London and the Euro 2012 soccer cup in Poland and Ukraine, will be huge draws for American travelers and will increase the risk for measles infection. We wonder, “Is FEAR the ONLY way to push people getting their shots?”

We did a post last June called Measles Questions NOT Addressed By Mainstream Media addressing all the important questions regarding the measles vaccine.

Today, we are asking our own SAFbaby expert, Dr. Randall Neustaedter OMD, to give us his opinion about these current ‘scary’ headline news:

Doom and Gloom Tactics

Doesn’t everyone get tired of hearing the CDC and the media making predictions of deadly epidemics year after year in an attempt to scare people into getting vaccinated?

Do we have such short attention spans that we forget the predictions of worldwide bird flu epidemics that would wipe out millions of people in 2004 and the H1N1 flu from Mexico that would devastate the population in 2009? Because none of those supposed epidemics that dominated the news ever materialized. Are we having a hard time distinguishing reality from disaster movies? Are we so gullible that we don’t recognize these manipulative tactics of the pharmaceutical industry?

US Tourists told to get Measles Vaccines

Now we receive this pure speculation about how tourists are going to bring measles home to America. The CDC is constantly trying to scare Americans into running to their doctors and pharmacies to get shot up with protective vaccines. The vaccine campaigns have also shifted to target adult populations with flu, pertussis, and measles vaccines, another lucrative market.

Make no mistake that the CDC, mainstream media, and vaccine policy makers are in league with vaccine manufacturers whose only goal is profit, not public health.

A profitable way to promote vaccines?

Vaccine companies are worried about the negative press that measles vaccine has received over the past few years. The association between measles shots and skyrocketing autism rates is not good press for them.

Who in the marketing department thought up this newest angle for vaccine promotion? Europeans infect Americans with deadly diseases at the Olympics. Intriguing. And what if there were some cases of measles in the US?

Conventional Medicine has no treatment for Measles

Everyone used to have measles as a child. It was a normal childhood disease. Like most childhood diseases there were sometimes complications. Conventional medicine has no treatment for measles, or most other viral diseases. Doctors are interested in preventing these diseases without regard for consequences of the vaccines. And this prevention makes billions of dollars.

Holistic Medicine to prevent complications and treat Measles

Holistic medicine is able to prevent complications and treat these diseases. A holistic program and lifestyle that creates a strong immune system will enable the body to handle these illnesses. If they occur, then a holistic treatment program using Vitamin A in high doses, Chinese antiviral herbs, elderberry, and homeopathic medicines are all effective in treating these diseases.

Holistic practitioners have confidence in treating these diseases. Where conventional medicine has no recourse except to watch the disease and see if complications occur, holistic medicine has active preventive and treatment methods. It’s a matter of perspective.

 How Safe Are Vaccines?

Vaccines are assumed to be safe by the majority in conventional  medicine. The CDC, WHO, FDA, and other health administration and vaccine policy making bodies all staunchly defend vaccines as safe and effective. However, for at least the past 40 years the safety of the vaccine campaign has been called into question. The very questioning of vaccine safety has been viewed as heresy and outright blasphemy by those proponents who view vaccination as a savior of humanity. Vaccines, after all, have been credited with ridding the world of the scourges of smallpox, polio, and measles. But because of the cost of serious adverse vaccine reactions the US government has passed laws that protect vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits involving vaccine damage.

Pro-Vaccination or Anti-Vaccination Debate

The myriad controversies and some vaccine fiascos, have led to a polarization of the vaccine camps into pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination factions. At times this polarization has erupted into outright warfare with professional casualties in the form of ruined professional careers and apparent witch hunts. And all of this heated debate centers on the question of whether vaccines have saved countless children’s lives or devastated the health of countless children.  Anyone who cares to take even a casual look at the literature and numerous internet sites dedicated to the subject of vaccine safety will find a wealth of sobering, considered, and reasonable arguments on both sides of the debate. One can also easily find heated arguments and outright rage at the audacity of the other group which is risking the lives of children. One group will claim that children are being vaccinated into a chronic disease state, and the other accuses parents of leaving the un-vaccinated prey to the evils of dreaded diseases. One side flings accusations of vaccine damage and conspiratorial cover-up, and the other side produces scholarly medical studies that vindicate vaccination.

The issue is not whether one vaccine is safe or not, but whether the entire program of universal and enforced vaccination may be misguided. – Dr. Randall Neustaedter

Are vaccines are responsible for the rise in a handful of chronic, epidemic diseases in children?

That is the current state of the world that new parents venture into if they question the wisdom of subjecting their infant to the long list of routine vaccines in the modern recommended schedule.

Vaccine safety is not a simple question. For many parents, and many experts in the holistic medical field, the issue is not whether one vaccine is safe or not, but whether the entire program of universal and enforced vaccination may be misguided. There is a convincing argument that vaccines are responsible for the rise in a handful of chronic, epidemic diseases in children, specifically asthma, autism, attention, and diabetes. There is no question that the incidence of these diseases has been steadily increasing in children during the same period of time that the number of vaccines administered to those children has multiplied. And there is no other cogent explanation for the rise of these diseases except their possible association with vaccines.

The Decision to Vaccinate is Yours

Ultimately, every parent must decide whether they are more anxious about the disease or the vaccine hurting their child. This is a complicated decision process. Each of the diseases has varying risks and severity. Some are frightening and some are benign. Some diseases like whooping cough are more severe in infancy when the vaccines seem to have the greatest risk of harm, and some diseases like hepatitis B and cervical cancer from HBV are sexually transmitted and only prevalent in adults. This is a difficult subject for anyone to navigate, even for those with medical training.

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SAFbaby Health Expert Adviser, Dr. Randall Neustaedter, OMD

Dr. Randall Neustaedter, OMD, has practiced and taught holistic medicine for more than thirty years in the San Francisco Bay area, specializing in child health care.

He is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine, author of The Holistic Baby Guide, Child Health Guide, and The Vaccine Guide.

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