Every safe and healthy choice makes a difference
and manifests in a child’s overall health and wellbeing.

Take a quick survey of your home and see how many questions you answer Yes versus No.

  1. Do you use detergent to wash clothes and dishes?
  2. Do you use dryer sheets?
  3. Do you have carpeting in your home?
  4. Is there foam in your furniture, pillows or weather stripping?
  5. Does your furniture or bed have a label indicating it has been treated with flame retardants?
  6. Do your cleaning products have chemicals in them?
  7. Do you drink water out of your tap or use water in plastic containers?
  8. Do you use non-stick cookware?
  9. What is most of your family’s clothing made out of?
  10. Do you know the sources of your food? Is it organic or GM-food?

What becomes obvious when you look at anyone’s home is that we are all being exposed to many toxic chemicals from just about everything. “Scientists refer to  chemical exposure as an individual’s