By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

In a world where our children’s toys are being recalled daily due to toxic components, there are also companies who offer NATURAL alternatives! These companies are blessing our children’s nurseries with non-toxic toys and surrounding them with beauty and sensory experiences that are healthy and consciously stimulating.

HABA’s “pure nature” products are one of these champions, bringing quality toys and experiences to our kids! Parent’s can rest assure that the product we are awarding today: HABA’S PULLING CART LEAFY GIRL, has been tested by an independent CPSC accredited laboratory, LGA, that specifically control harmful substances. Those tests in Germany go far beyond the required standards to ensure the highest possible quality.


  • Charming design.
  • “Pure Nature Organic” assures parents of the highest quality cottons for both the threads and the outer materials. All “Pure Nature” textiles are produced in accordance with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). The GOTS standards for organic textiles and the use of raw materials ensure safety not just for children but also for the environment.
  • The polyester filling, which is Oeko Tek 100 Certified , certifies, that “Pure Nature” products by HABA are hygienic and washable. It may be hard to believe but fillings made of natural material have very poor drying quality, hence a greater risk of mold, so polyester is preferred.
  • The wood is beech wood.
  • HABA’s corporate headquarters where the products are manufactured is a “green” company!
  • Minimal packaging, and for a toy, you KNOW this is impressive!

Product Reviews For HABA Pulling Toy

Mama Tester #1

The Haba name is one that you know makes well crafted toys for all ages, and organic lines as well which is a huge plus! Their pull toys are exceptional and withstand tons of play without appearing worn. The Pure Nature Pulling Cart Leafy Girl is simple, yet fun! My 3 year old has loads of fun dragging it around the house, and she loves that the little leafy girl is removable. I enjoy that she can bring her along alone wherever we go and the pulling cart can stay home, less toys to lose is a great thing for any parent.

Having the materials of this doll and cart be organic is lovely in every aspect. I feel it’s much safer to cuddle, and sleep with this way. And for the younger ones who may feel the need to ‘taste’ the toy, it’s safe for that too. Normal process of growing cotton involves pesticides that are used in large quantities, as well as harmful dyes to color the fabric and finished with formaldehyde. None of which are healthy for anyone, let alone near a brand new precious baby.

My daughter thoroughly loves this toy, and my 2 year old nephew likes to pull it around the house as well. I love that it doesn’t need batteries and involves hands on play which I believe is fundamental in a child’s growth. This cute toy is also machine washable and holds up well even after dried. What mom wouldn’t like a toy that can be cleaned after a toddler has rolled it around in every possible mess?

Its priced at $28.99 on the Haba site directly, which yes may sound a little steep, but when thinking of all the pros about the toy it really outweighs the cost. No harmful plastic fumes around your baby or toddler and most of all it’s a toy that can grow with the child!

Testing Mama #2

The Pure Nature Pulling Cart Leafy Girl stimulates crawling and walking in babies, making this a toy that I would be honored to give away at any baby shower or first year birthday party.

Another feature that I love is that this toy is machine washable! Babies love to put everything into their mouths, and this is a toy that can easily be brought out of the home, to play dates and to the grandparent’s home. It is assuring to me that I can stick baby’s toy into the washing machine, and give her back a clean toy to play with, inside and out!

My child is 5 and tested this toy. She could not wait to get the box opened and she played with this toy consistently and still does! Not as a pull toy, but as a baby doll and a bed. It is a darling toy and the natural design and materials make me feel like it enhances her toy collection. This is a toy that is built to last and is so beautiful you will want it around for years to come! Bravo and thank you HABA.