By SafBaby Co-Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

We participated in a live conference call this morning with Sonja, a senior analyst from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), about the toxic levels of BPA researchers and scientists are finding in baby formula! Along with EWG’s amazing detailed report on their findings, CNN has also launched a special report, addressing this concern just today.

Most all parents these days have an understanding of what BPA is, and of where it can be found. But to give you a quick recap:

  • BPA is a chemical used to make plastic.
  • It acts like an estrogen in the body and is toxic at even low doses.
  • A very sensitive time to be exposed to this toxic chemical is during pregnancy and very early in life.
  • This type of exposure has been tagged as a potential precursor to breast and prostate cancer, but this is not all.
  • For more information on BPA, please read our article “What’s Lurking in My Babies Sippy Cup and Bottle.”

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