Now that I have a Mimi the Sardine PVC-Free Splash Mat, I have NO IDEA what I did without it.

We use it for crafty kids projects such as making play dough and while finger painting.

We also use it as a table cloth on my little girls favorite table when we eat there. Oh yes, and of course you can use this great “spill mat” (as we have nick-named it) under baby’s highchair too.

An Eco-Friendly Party Addition: Mimi The Sardine Splash Mat

For my little girl’s second birthday party we decorated the children’s eating table with our fun and vibrantly colored Ladybug Mat.

The mat was a hit with the kids and the parents, and it brought additional life to the party! What a great safe alternative to any disposable table cloth traditionally used at many parties.

PVC Dangers and Earth Friendly Options

Knowing how toxic PVC shower curtain fumes are, choosing a PVC-Free Splash Mat is equally as smart for the safety of our babies development.

Mimi the Sardines mats are made from eco-coated cotton fabrics directly imported from Sweden. All of their products are made from Swedish cotton prints that have been treated with an environmentally sound coating to make them permanently water and soil resistant.

They really do hold up wonderfully! For the most part, all we ever need to do is wipe our mat clean, but I have machine washed ours too and our fun ladybug splash mat still looks like new.

The fabrics are produced in accordance with strict environmental laws and are Oeko-Tex certified; the coating is made from acrylic and not PVC. They use no chlorine in the production process, and only water soluble dyes. Mimi the Sardine is proud to contribute to the environmental health of Mother Earth.

On top of all that, they are manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 36″ x 46″ Mimi The Sardine Splash Mat is coated on both sides.

Sandra’s girl has the penguin design, which is additionally whimsical and fun.

Mimi the Sardine offers many fun prints. Some of them include: bugs, jungle animals, flowers, and even hybrid cars are part of the collection.

Who ever knew making a mess could be so much fun?

If you have not done so already, please read our report on toxins released from PVC-shower curtains to understand the importance of going PVC-Free!