By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

Our real recent post on the findings that some plastic bottles labeled as BPA-Free were actually tested to contain low levels to very high levels of BPA continues with this post.

Here we give more clarity to the tests, because as the time of our last post the information as to which bottles were actually safe was NOT being released to parents!

Happily, we now have this information and can let you know (and please forward this on to those you love) which companies are safe, which aren’t.

Medela Is NOT A BPA-Free Plastic Bottle

It really breaks my heart to think that I had thought I had chosen a safe bottle for my baby a while back.  I was a breastfeeding mom, almost 100% from the breast, but there were the occasional bottle feeds from dad.

I would pump my milk into my Medela containers and store them there in the fridge or freezer.  This was 3 years ago.

Now I am waken up to the cold fact that MEDELA has been found to have BPA in their bottles marketed as BPA-Free.  Crazy and very disheartening because BPA is a proven hormone disruptor, very dangerous for our babies and children.

Other BPA-Free Companies Wrongly Marketing Their Bottles Safe

According to Sarah Schmidt in her article from Leader-Post, these are the other companies that are WRONGLY marketing their plastic bottles as BPA-Free:

  • Gerber
  • Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle
  • Whittlestone
  • Nuby
  • A house brand from a dollar store in Canada

Baby Bottles That Are Truly BPA-Free

No need to sweat if your bottles are from these companies:

  • Born Free
  • Thinkbaby
  • Green To Grow

Baby bottles from these companies have proven to show NO traces of BPA!  Good news.  But, this does leave a conscious mom thinking that from now on, lets stick to the safe side and opt out of choosing plastic product whenever possible.

Although this report only states that the findings were in baby BOTTLES, we would NOT recommend or trust any products from these companies again.

Read Sarah Schmidt’s full post to see why some are still concerned that these test results are not completely accurate.

There’s the updated BPA bottle info, you make your safest decision.

Glass Baby Bottles

As a safe alternative to plastic, try Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

Lifefactory glass baby bottles are covered with a silicone sleeve that will help protect the bottle from breakage and also prevent bumping into other articles in your diaper bag.

The bottle and the sleeve can be put in the dishwasher together or separate. The silicone nipple and parts should be placed on the top rack.

All components are made in the U.S. or Europe, are FDA approved and are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.