Happy Birthday to us! SafBaby just made 4 years (as they say it here in the Hawaiian islands).

Sandra and I have been writing articles, interviewing experts and raving only about the safest alternative products available on the market for 4 YEARS NOW! We are proud mamas and have been nourishing this resource of priceless information for you all because it is a passion of ours to raise our children consciously, the best we can and share our findings so others may benefit too.

We want to say thank you to the millions of readers whom have be positively influenced by our work.  Your emails, FB comments and testimonials mean the world to us.  It is often what keeps our fire burning brightly.  We love to hear from you!   This is how we know our eco-conscious articles and offerings are making a difference in your lives.  Keep ’em coming please.  We appreciate you.

In celebration of us turning 4, we wanted to share some of the testimonies we have received from you all:

This is such a helpful article, and your website is wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is so nice to have free resources like this available to parents like me that want to give their children the safest products, but don’t always have the time or ability to fully research them. The “spin” some of these companies put on their answers is horrendous, and I really don’t know how some of these people sleep at night. But, alas, that is a discussion for another time. As for me, I know which companies will be getting my money and which will not. Keep up the great work!
-Jaime, SAFbaby follower

I just bought the Construction Set and Dropping Ball Game. This is a great gift list for dudes like myself who don’t have a clue about what’s right or wrong! My sister returned all the presents I bought my nephew last Christmas because they were supposedly “toxic” and unsafe to him??? I seriously had no idea a toy could be toxic to our kids. Well, this time, I made sure to search the web for the “perfect gift” and found your site.

So I just want to say thanks. You not only saved me a lot of time, money (these are all reasonably priced toys), and frustration. I’ll make 3 people happy this year: Me, my nephew and my sister. Thanks again and may you all have a Merry Christmas.

-Scott, SAFbaby reader

Well, I think this is a very helpful article. I’ve been searching for an article about PVC to come along for a long time. The others aren’t really that helpful but with this, I get exactly what I need. I’m a 35 year old mother (John age 3 & Jacob age 6). I finally understand an article that has came along…it has been very helpful!! THANKS..
-Karina, SAFbaby reader

I just read the review – wow, it is indeed a rave!  You clearly put a lot of time and thought into the review and I am most grateful.  I expect we’ll get quite a bit of traffic from it.
-Laura Miller owner of Tick-n-Thistle

I’ve been a fan and supporter since my daughter was born in October of 2007
-Cai, SAFbaby follower

My kids – and my kids’ kids – will be safer and healthier because of the work you have done. THANK YOU!

-Erin (owner of lullaby organics and safbaby subscriber)

Thanks again and it’s so fun to see how successful your site has become–wow!!

-Melanie Hurley, owner of Piggy Paints

Thank you so much for all the work Safbaby does to keep millions of concerned parents informed, you make a very difficult task easier for all of us!

-Kind regards,

Being on the Safbaby Approved Vendor List has consistently driven sales & traffic to our site and we wanted to expand our advertising on your site. Can you send me information on other Safbaby advertising opportunities?


Mark Lampano
Co-Founder & President

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your wonderful website.  It is such an excellent resource for making our lives healthier for our children.

-Krista Magee, SAFbaby reader

And thank you for making it easier for me to keep the kids safe & healthy with all that you do!

-Glenda Chung, SAFbaby follower.

Wow. I just read the article on your site and am totally blown away. Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a little teary. Thank you so much for this award and for your glowing review!!

-Melissa Zenz
KidBean.com – Vegan Family Superstore

I am truly honored to have such a wonderful feature on your website. ~ :o)

Elizabeth Pantley, Author

Wow Wow!! What a fantastic review – thank you so much!!! You captured the spirit of what I’m trying to do.


“The Go-To Safe Moms I call them! Finally a place where a parents can go to get the scoop on the best and safest alternatives for children. We tossed out the diaper gene, mix up our our blend of Dr. Brown’s liquid soaps and use our cute Sigg puppy dog water bottles now! There’s nothing more comforting then knowing I can go to place for safe family product updates.”

– Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT – Licensed Child Therapist and Founder of TheGoToMom.TV

“Safbaby is a terrific resource for moms looking for safer PVC/toxic-free products for baby and the home. In an age of lead and other toxic chemicals in kids toys, Safbaby is a beacon shining the light towards actions parents can take to protect their families from unnecessary dangerous chemicals in the home.” – Mike Schade, PVC Campaign Coordinator Center for Health, Environment and Justice

– besafenet.com/pvc – chej.org

“I think this is great. I have been trying to learn all this type of stuff on my own. You have clearly laid out some of the issues that are most important to me. More importantly you give parents easy ways to make the necessary changes.”

-Kari Bliss

“As a busy mom of a toddler, that works full time, Safbaby.com is a website I can easily access, anytime, anywhere that provides me with accurate answers to tough issues and questions out there that I can trust!”

-Melissa Timmer, GR

“As a working mom, Safbaby provides all the information that I wish I had the time to research. I love the article on plastic sippy cups. I had read about some plastics but had no idea that these were a danger to my child. Not only was it an informative article but safbaby provided alternative products. I clicked on the link and was able to order Sigg & Kleen Kanteen aluminun sippy water bottles. Thanks safbaby for helping me keep my baby safe and healthy!”

-Rachel Carter, Wayland

“We came across this wonderful website, SafBaby. Recently, they wrote a lengthy eye-opening piece entitled “Decrease World Poverty, buy organic cotton for your baby”. Please take some time to read their piece. Not only is this site and article a great source of information but provides an incredible dose of inspiration! Remember, children are our future!”

-From Greenstuffconnection.blogspot.com