Every winter you hope your kids won’t get sick … or at least won’t get that sick.

But there’s no need to rely only on hope when you are prepared!

We’ve put together a winter arsenal of tried and true remedies that are sure to help you and your family through the colds, coughs, fever and flu you may encounter this season.

The Most Effective Way to Prevent Winter Illnesses

The most effective way to prevent illnesses is a change in mindset! It’s being proactive instead of reactive. It involves thinking long-term, instead of short-term. It means seeing your child as a whole human being, instead of focusing only on a stuffy nose that needs to be decongested.

It’s accepting that health is a lifestyle, a commitment to giving your child what their bodies and minds need on a regular basis. These basics are clean water, time outside, movement and all the essential nutrients.

This is the fuel that allows their systems to do what they were designed to do – to have robust health that occurs naturally, effortlessly and spans a lifetime.

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And yet, the truth is that our modern lives make it nearly impossible to care for our kids the way we know is best for them. Take food for instance. While today’s children have an increased need for nutrients to help detox the exponential increase in their exposure to toxins, they are consuming fewer nutrients than ever before in history; our modern diet is nutritionally depleted because our food isn’t as nutritious as it used to be. For example, shockingly, it is now possible to buy an orange that contains zero Vitamin C.

The Core 4 was specifically designed to address this modern dilemma. It helps fill the nutritional gaps in our children’s diet by providing all the essential nutrients.

The Core 4 Supplements Help Build a Foundation of Health

To help give children the essential nutrients they need to grow and develop properly and thus build a solid foundation of health for life, pediatrician Dr. Murray Clarke formulated the ChildLife® Core 4: four power-packed supplements that are designed to work together. These are the four main supplements that he still uses in his renowned Los Angeles clinic to help enhance and support the health of children.

MULTI VITAMIN & MINERAL provides all the essential vitamins and minerals – the building blocks for growth.

COD LIVER OIL contains the highest naturally-occurring amount of DHA from any food source along with Vitamin A, which combine to provide the two primary nutrients for both brain and eye development. DHA is the most prevalent nutrient found and used within the brain for assisting growth, focus, learning and memory.

VITAMIN C a powerful antioxidant to help neutralize toxins and help the body detoxify and eliminate toxins safely.

VITAMIN D3 a nutrient that’s critical for immune, bone, heart and respiratory health.

Dr. Murray Clarke developed a protocol to maximize the effectiveness of these four supplements. He still uses this successful protocol in his renowned Los Angeles pediatric clinic. The protocol is only available through Safe Baby Healthy Child with the purchase of the Core 4.

Every day that children don’t get adequate nutrition makes them more vulnerable to colds and flu that are more prevalent in the winter. Children simply do not have the reserves they could use to effectively fight off the illnesses of the season. But when their systems are nourished year-round, they will be fortified to be able to fend off illness – and if they do get something, it won’t be able to take hold as deeply and the duration will be shorter.

The Priceless Advantage of Having the Winter Arsenal on Hand

Ideally, you’ll supplement all year with the Core 4 to build your child’s reserves.

Dr. Clarke has also formulated supplements with immune boosting properties to help strengthen the system further. Having these remedies at the ready can help you knock out the cold, cough and flu season.

FIRST DEFENSE includes colloidal silver, herbs, minerals and vitamins and is extremely effective in helping a child’s immune system respond quickly and bounce back from any challenge throughout the year and especially during the cold and flu season.*

ECHINACEA has a long history of use where it is routinely prescribed for both the prevention and treatment of many types of colds, coughs and flu.* Many parents use it preventively during cold, cough and flu season.

PROBIOTICS WITH COLOSTRUM provides nature’s ultimate formula for enhancing a child’s health, vitality, immune and digestive strength.* This children’s probiotic is the only product on the market that combines probiotics, colostrum and prebiotics to support gut health and overall health.

FORMULA 3 COUGH SYRUP combines the 3 most effective and well-researched homeopathic extracts for addressing all types of children’s coughs safely and effectively: Elderberry, Umckaloabo (South African geranium) and Cherry Bark.*

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have something on hand at the very first signs of illness so that you can boost your child’s natural ability to heal. The extra support you provide when you observe the initial symptoms is a priceless tip to having your child bounce back quickly!

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First Defense

There is a reason why First Defense is one of ChildLife’s best sellers. In testimonials, parents sing its praises in what they call a miracle formula.

“I have been using this product for the past 4+ years and it still works like a charm!!! Anytime kids start feeling under the weather I increase it to 3 times a day and bam, the next day they are as good as new!!! I can literally sing praises to this formula!!! My number one go-to product around the flu season!!!”

ChildLife Nutritional Supplements First Defense Dietary Supplement for Babies, Toddlers and Children

This formula is designed to be given at the very first sign of any symptoms and used 3-4 times daily until all symptoms are gone. It is specifically formulated for children to help their immune and natural defense system respond effectively and quickly to any challenge throughout the year and especially during the cold and flu season.

It can also be used preventively if your child has been exposed to or around other children who may be sick. In this case, use for a day or two until you are sure your child is all clear.

ChildLife® First Defense contains: Olive Leaf extract, St. Johns Wort, Larch Arabinogalactan, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C and Zinc. Together, these herbs, minerals and vitamins provide an extremely effective formula that has continued to prove itself over the years. You can read more about colloidal silver in our post The Amazing Benefits of Colloidal Silver.

“Miracle.  My toddler takes one teaspoon of that per day in his milk. He used to be sick 25 days a month ever since his brother started preschool. But while on that supplement, he doesn’t get sick at all. As soon as we ran out,
he got sick again. I’m going to stock up.”


The herbal extract echinacea has a long history of use in naturopathic medicine, where it is routinely prescribed for both the prevention and treatment of many types of colds, coughs and flu.

Researchers from the University of Connecticut combined findings from 14 previously reported trials examining echinacea to prevent or treat the common cold. This combined trial analysis showed a strong benefit where use of the herbal supplement was found to reduce the risk of catching a cold by 58% and the duration by 1.4 days. In another study they reviewed, the combination of echinacea and vitamin C reduced cold incidence by 86%.

ChildLife® Echinacea for kids is made especially for infants and children. Dr. Clarke’s formulation of echinacea uses the two most potent, absorbable and bioavailable forms of echinacea, which are echinacea augustifolia (root) and echinacea purperea (leaf & flower).

Safe Baby Healthy Child Shop ChildLife Echinacea for Children Tasteforlife Essentials Award

Dr. Clarke has also solved one of the major issues that has prevented children from taking echinacea in the past – taste!

“My grandson loves the taste of orange. He used to pick up any bugs going round when playing with other children but not any more. Right from the get-go he’s been able to play without becoming unwell. Brilliant product!!!!  Highly recommend!!!”

In 2019, ChildLife® Echniancea won the Tas